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Lauren Conrad started with her reality TV series in a famous show Laguna Beach that also had Kristen Cavallari. Lauren Conrad is considered to be one of the best personalities on the television and even in the reality genre shows that are telecasted.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad when came to the first season of The Hills, her hair were long that transformed to very short in the season three of the reality show. Though she has not changed her hairstyle much, the only change came in the hair length and the color. The hair color that Lauren possessed at the first season was the white blonde that shifted to the darker blonde.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: Lauren Conrad Hairstyle

At the show Lauren generally kept her long hair tied in a tangled and messy ponytail. With the changing trends, Lauren has also underwent the change in her hairstyle from the messy ponytails, Lauren changed her hairstyle and wore a shorter hairdo that has a mixture of various hairstyles that had variant textures, partings, lowlights, fringes and highlights.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: Beautiful Lauren Conrad

In her short hairstyle, Lauren wears her hair in the short style that has a lot of curls that are kept in place using the bobbed pins along with the fringes that are swept at a side. This hairstyle looked more gorgeous with the gorgeous highlights.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: Wavy Lauren Conrad

Generally, Lauren Conrad’s hair emerges to be of one length with a few light layers that are seen around the face. It is easier for the girls to have a hairstyle same as the Lauren’s hairstyle if they have hairs that have natural curls. Using the appropriate styling gel and the other styling products that can include the curling iron, it is possible for you to flaunt with the same hairstyle as Lauren Conrad.

Hair Color Styles At Home

Get Rich Quick: In the new economy, highlights are out and single-process color is back with bold, shiny shades that won't break the bank.

Into the Woods
Looking forward to fall's golden, crimson, and russet hues, stylist Thomas Hintermeier thinks the best single-process shades mimic nature. For brunettes wanting more drama, he suggests adding a warm auburn tone: "When you go in the sunlight, you'll have a vibrant red shimmer."

Smashing Pumpkin
The longer your hair, the more weathered the ends are. By adding pigment (instead of bleaching it out), a single process smooths damaged cuticles so hair seems shinier and healthier. But steer clear of burgundy, says Hintermeier. "Bluish-red hair doesn't exist in nature—try gold undertones instead."

Haute Chocolate
Sixty-four percent of Canadians prefer dark hair, according to the Dove study. However, if your real hair color is a distant memory, Hintermeier suggests using your skin tone as a guide: "The deeper your complexion, the darker you can go. Whether you want something natural or dramatic, highlights aren't the only option anymore."

Gold Digging
According to a recent Dove Global Hair Study, more than half of American women believe blonde is more beautiful. But liquid alchemy is high maintenance. Hintermeier suggests an allover sandy-beige tone to blend in old highlights and breathe new life into washed-out shades: "You can't always highlight, because you'll end up with white hair."

Almond Joy
Highlight junkies afraid of losing their sun-kissed sparkle shouldn't worry. "Your hair always has different shades because the sun naturally makes it lighter on top. Single-process color looks darker or lighter depending on the tone underneath, so you'll keep a nice shadowing," assures Hintermeier.

Hairstyle Ideas For Black Hair

If you don't have long hair and love the look of long hair, you can always get hair extensions or even clip-in extensions for a quick fix. Hair Extensions involve attaching human or synthetic hair to your natural hair by one of several different methods for a free-flowing, natural look.

Many different options are available for black hair and hair extensions. It is always best to consult with a hair stylist that has experience doing hair extensions on black hair, as black hair has different requirements. Not all hair extension methods will be suitable for black hair, depending on hair condition and texture. Make sure you get schedule several hair extension consultations so that you can compare/contrast methods and stylists.
Short Curly Hairstyle

Tyra Banks has a bouncy, medium hair style that features a deep side part with all layers curled. The curls start about 4-6 inches from the crown and are full all the way to the ends of the hair.

Tyra has many different layers throughout her head and they are all curled for dramatic effect.

This hair style can also be worn straight and smooth, although you may need the help of a flat iron to get the extra smoothness.

Medium Length Hairstyle

Halle Berry is wearing a long, very curly hair style. Create all over curls like Halle's by using a small curling iron on each strand of hair.

Creating this style will require a significant amount of time, especially if you do not have naturally curly hair.

For those with naturally curly hair, you may be able to apply a curl-enhancing cream throughout the hair and just let it air dry
Curly Long Hairstyle

Short Sassy Hairstyles for Brides

This short, sassy look will have brides looking beautiful.
The Short Cut
Not all women will be able to style their hair like this, it requires a similar cut that can be shorter or longer but tapered at the sides. The focus is brought to the front and crown with some volume added to enhance the appearance.
Short Sassy Bridal Hairstyle

Define the Hair

1. Start by applying a texturising spray into towel dried hair and blow dry while using the fingers to lift the hair from the root, especially at the crown.

2. Use some light wax and create a wide part. If the hair is having a tough time looking defined, a good trick is to first make the front smooth with a flat iron before adding the definition with the wax.

The Finally Touch
The floral hair piece really brings out this short cut and without it, the hairstyle would not be wedding ready. Place the hair band below the crown so that there is enough hair parted in the front to compliment the back. Adjusting the hair piece back is always better than moving it forward but not all the way to the crown.
Latest Wedding Hairstyle

Pexie Haircuts For Teenage Girls

We have seen an increase in the haircuts and hairstyles that are based loosely on the short styles which are created with the use of a pixie haircut. Pixie haircuts can be recognized by the short wisps that are created through the hairstyle, similar to a hair style that can be seen on the likes of a fairy, hence the name.

These short haircuts are perfect for those with small facial features and can actually be quite versatile when it comes to the hair styles that can be created from the cut. With the use of different products the individual is able to curl the hair, create small waves or even sweep the hair to one side with the use of bangs and parting methods.

Pixie haircuts are especially popular for teens that are seeking something new, a different kind of hairstyle. The haircut can be easily created to compliment the unique features of the teen and there are various lengths which can be treated with various colors to change the look of the hair.

These haircuts are popular, but it is important to take into account the time that it would take to grow the hair after the style has been changed. The in-between stages from a pixie haircut to short and medium length hair can leave you limited when it comes to certain styles.
Pixie Haircut 2009

Latest Pixie haircut

Latest Hairtrends for 2009

You’ve been staring at a hairstyle magazine for an hour now but still haven’t decided what would be your next ‘look’? Would you like to get a perm, a trim or just have to grow your hair? If you can’t decide, here are some simple guidelines that you may follow for the hair trend in 2009. The convenient hairstyle for medium haircuts are the shag cut and sedu hairstyle or just let it loose or have a ponytail and accessorize it. Another great haircut for this year is the side-swept bangs style. For girls with thin hair, a layered haircut is just perfect so as the V cut.

For ladies who have oval or square-shaped face who would like to be experimental, the short bob is recommended while the curly bob is what’s best for those with round face. If you would like your flabby and rounded face to create a thin and long effect, go for the angled bob cut but if you’ve got really thick hair, this is a big no-no or you’ll end up wearing a wig. Whatever haircut or hairstyle you go for, the important thing is that you feel good, comfortable and confident with it.

Short hairstyle 2009

Medium length Hairstyle

Long Straight Hairstyle

Trendy Hairstyles For the Year 2009

Here represent some of the most fashionable and trendy hair styles with short to long length hair which are now a days in demand. Follow these hair styles for looking more stylish and modish.

1. Bob Cuts – A classic bob cut droop uniformly around jaw length where as a graduated bob hangs at a direction, with the frontage hair extensive than the nape. Bob cuts looks great for many women and can be modified without any problems to accentuate a woman’s features. Also they can be trimmed without bangs, with long and side-swept bangs.

2. Page Boys – A page boy is basically a longer bob cut. It hangs under the chin and tops of the shoulders. A page boy is an everlasting hairstyle for women in any age and looks mainly elegant on older women. The bottoms can be rounded and curled or flipped up.
Page Boys Hairstyle

Pageboys Hairstyle

3. Spiky Cuts – Most of the older women choose for a funky, short spike cut. These cuts are easy to maintain and looks well for vigorous women.
Spiky cuts 2009

4. Crop Cuts – Short crop haircuts with multiple layers are one more great selection for women. A plump, fresh look can be attained with razor cuts or fairy cut.

5. Long Hair – Previously most of the older women were disheartened from having long hair. While shorter haircuts often hide some general troubles, it is perfectly satisfactory to wear hair long as well.

Before going for any new style you can follow different hair magazines, search various websites through internet.

Different hairstyles of Lauren Conrad

Different Haircuts of Lauren Conrad

The actress from the famous show “The Hills”, Lauren Conrad every time sports a new hairstyle which sets a trendy style statement. This girl-next-door inspires many young girls by setting a wonderful hairstyle in every episode of her serial.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: Lauren Conrad

Some of her best hairstyles which have created sensation among the youngsters are Rapunzel-esque waves, a low ponytail, twisted pullback, and a messy look. She has tried to give her hair a different highlights, partings, lowlights, texture and fringes. She has even tried changing her hair color from white beach blonde to sophisticated dark blonde.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: Beautiful Lauren Conrad

Mostly she sports different hairstyles but appears with mostly one length with just little light layering around her beautiful face. The layering is that of the medium thick with a very small amount of the natural wave.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: Different Hairstyles of Lauren Conrad

If you are interested in having Lauren’s different hairstyles whether it is straight or wavy hair, you may have them. It is possible through different styling products like irons, hot curlers or even the combination of waving or curling techniques. It would be easier to flaunt Lauren Conrad’s hairstyles if you have natural straight hair than the natural curls.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: Long Hairstyle

Whatever is the hairstyle Lauren is having, the best part is that all these hairstyles look perfect on her and she looks even more beautiful, smart and elegant than before.

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