Is “The Hills” Famous Only Because of Lauren Conrad

Is “The Hills” Famous Only Because of Lauren Conrad?

One of the main reasons for the popularity of “The Hills” was the fact that it followed the destiny of the already famous Lauren Conrad. However, things have changed in the four years of the show and the romantic intrigues between other people in the show started to gain more popularity than the life of Lauren.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: New Lauren Conrad

Her career and her friendship with the other participants were indeed interesting, but it came to her love life, this was less spectacular than those of the other women. Heidi’s relationship with Spencer was more tumultuous for example than what happened between Lauren and her ex-lover Jason, or between her and Brody.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: Lauren Conrad

However, she still remained popular, but after she decided that she doesn’t want her life on television anymore, “The Hills” continued with Kristin.

The Hills-Fashion nad Hairstyles: Lauren Conrad and Audrina Patridge

We don’t know how much of Lauren’s life, as presented in the show, was real and we have no clue whether she also had other relationships while in the show. We know that she is now successful, but this doesn’t keep us from wondering “what about her love life?” Is there someone in her life right now or she’s doing great by herself? However, as it also results from the show, the career seems more important for Lauren for the time being.

Four Complicated Years in “The Hills”

Four Complicated Years in “The Hills”

Remember the first season of “The Hills”? The popular show gained the great majority of its fans right from the first season. Many people were just watching “The Hills” because they were curious about the destiny of Lauren after she left Laguna Beach.

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At first there was only Lauren and Heidi, then Jason popped out from the past and got a second chance, Heidi started dating Jordan and Audrina and Whitney made their appearance. This was just the beginning because things were about to get even more complicated. Life went on with her ups and downs and the other one’s lives soon became very interesting for the viewers, just as that of Lauren in the first season.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: Laured Conrad and Doug

The relationship between Heidi and Spencer got very controversial and things between Lauren and Brody also kept a lot of people in front of the TV. Everybody went through a lot in this four years and the final episode is a time of the big decisions and of the big revelations. As some find their happiness (Stephanie) others decide to go their own way, alone (Kristina, Audrina) and the fans wonder if they have spent so much time on a scripted show?