Stephanie Pratt Hair

Stephanie Pratt’s Hairstyle

Stephanie Pratt the ‘always forgotten’ cast member of the popular MTV show, ‘The Hills’ has always had changing hairstyles. Some you loved and others you just couldn’t stand. She has long blonde locks that make her look ethereal when she does not mess with them too much.

The Hills: Fashion and Hairstyle: Stephanie Pratt

There was this one time when she had gone casual and sleek with her look and just let her honey coloured hair flow. There are two secrets to getting such hair, one, a flat iron and the other, hair serum.

The Hills: Fashion and Hairstyle: Stephanie Pratt Fashion

Wash your hair and apply a little bit of straightening product on it from the root to the tips. Then blow dry by running a flat hairbrush along with it. After you are done, straighten your hair gently with a flat iron. You are then good to go for 4 – 5 hours.

The Hills: Fashion and Hairstyle: Stephanie Pratt Hairstyle

Stephanie had also tried this retro look once, with her hair flying all over the place.
The volume had gone up by two notches in her usual sleek look. You can get this look with some hair rollers and a large barrel curling iron. Curl your hair a little without going over the top. To complete the look, a shimmery slim headband in the front part of your hair with the locks tucked inside would do