Justin Bobby

Justin Bobby and his new avtar as a model

The Hills” has been one of the most popular of the shows and the actors are more of a celebrity and people have been following in their footsteps and taking fashion ideas from them. One of the most coveted stars from the show is Justin Bobby. He has a style statement different from many others on the show. While on the show, he has been seen sporting knit caps in different styles and colors. People started recognizing him with his caps and some of them even followed his style. He has apparently turned a model now and has been taking up new modeling assignments.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyle: Justin Bobby

He has been seen sporting shaggy hair on the show but has changed his look for a men’s clothing brand Orthodox. He has entered the modeling industry with the help of one of his designer friends. He has been referred to be a long haired hipster from the show. His image is not good in front of many people’s eyes but he sure is turning some eyes to his side by modeling for the brand. It is possible that people start taking him in a different perspective and accept his new look and appearance. He would have to work hard on his looks though.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: Justin with Short Hairstyle

He has been also called as a look-book model. The brand he is working for is represented by People’s revolution. He is believed to have some connections with the people with the help of Whitney Port as she too ahs worked with them. The rumors have been rubbished and it has been told that the designer is a friend Justin.