Four Complicated Years in “The Hills”

Four Complicated Years in “The Hills”

Remember the first season of “The Hills”? The popular show gained the great majority of its fans right from the first season. Many people were just watching “The Hills” because they were curious about the destiny of Lauren after she left Laguna Beach.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: Heidi Montag

At first there was only Lauren and Heidi, then Jason popped out from the past and got a second chance, Heidi started dating Jordan and Audrina and Whitney made their appearance. This was just the beginning because things were about to get even more complicated. Life went on with her ups and downs and the other one’s lives soon became very interesting for the viewers, just as that of Lauren in the first season.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: Laured Conrad and Doug

The relationship between Heidi and Spencer got very controversial and things between Lauren and Brody also kept a lot of people in front of the TV. Everybody went through a lot in this four years and the final episode is a time of the big decisions and of the big revelations. As some find their happiness (Stephanie) others decide to go their own way, alone (Kristina, Audrina) and the fans wonder if they have spent so much time on a scripted show?