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  • desi485
    11-24 05:48 PM
    I would also suggest that those who have had their I-485 denied due to changing employers should submit DHS Form 7001 to the Ombudsman's office.

    Guys, any good news to share??? I am still waiting for reply to my letters or email. Nothing received till today...

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  • urpal
    07-15 08:27 PM
    I will be coming back on Sept 6th and will share my experiences.

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  • Rockford
    08-28 10:06 AM
    thanks munnabhai. I have read somewhere that if I/140 is approved and visa is unavailable then H1 can be extended for 3 yrs. Correct me if its not true.

    Eligible for 3 years if I140 is approved and you can't file I485 because of retrogression. But you said , you had already filed I485. I doubt you are eligible for 3 year extension.

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  • Wish_Good
    04-30 12:45 AM
    Hi All,

    My Current Situation: I-140 approved on Jan 22, 2009 with company B, 7th year of my H1 ending July 2009, Current company B applied H1 extension, But H1 extension (No RFE just straight denied) - Denied based on "Old Company A"s I-485 - which was denied in June 26th 2008. Iam still in project and no issue of paystubs and all.

    Looks like USCIS didn�t considered my current company�s approved 1-140.

    Right now, Employer applied MTR (appeal) provided all documents.. like approved I-140 copy, LC copy and previous H1 copies.. etc.

    I don't have EAD.

    Please some one share their experience and suggestions:

    *Usually how much time they will take to respond this kind of Appeals (MTR).
    And also for safe side -- can I file another H1 in premum processing while this MTR is in pending.
    *If my MTR appeal decision getting delay... can I work for my employer even after July 13th until I get decision on my H1 Extension. Do I eligible for that or I need to go back India.

    Iam really worried, I got 2 younger kids.

    I request, Kindly give me your valuable advice.

    Thank You All,
    Wish Good


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  • roseball
    08-26 04:54 PM

    I looking for porting my approved EB3 labor and 140 to EB2. Here are my details:

    My qualification: Diploma in electronics and communication Engg in India
    (3 years diploma after 10th)

    Years of experience: Since 1991 in IT (About 20 YRs)

    Green card process: EB3 Approved labor and 140.

    Situation: When I contacted one of the university in USA they informed me that I can
    do the Masters instead of BS online degree.

    My question1: Will I be eligible to file my EB2 if I do Masters without doing BS?

    My question 2: Is MS from International Technological University (http://www.ITU.EDU) is accepted bu USCIS for Immigration purpose?

    Thanks in advance

    AFAIK, if the MS degree is from an US accredited institution and your new EB-2 job requires a MS degree, then yes, your new employer can start the EB-2 process for you. Once you have a US Masters, it doesn't matter what your earlier educational qualifications are. Key thing here is that your EB-2 job MUST require a Masters degree.

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  • sac-r-ten
    02-10 03:08 PM
    The call is on Thursday (today). Please send in your questions as soon as possible to

    What is the deadline for sending the questions? can it be sent 1hour before the call starts?

    Also, what is the number to be called?

    thank you.


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  • Siddharta
    03-11 11:02 PM
    CITI Bank usually send the 1099. But if you have account with ICICI or some other Indian Banks they do not send it. Also check if your bank in India deducting Tax (Usually called as TDS) on interest you earn. That amount you can deduct on US tax return as foreign taxes paid.

    You are right. I just confirmed also with ICICI(my bank) and they do not send 1099. Damn.
    So what should I do now. Do I report the interest income from prior years (its very small.... less than $200/year) and file TD F 90-22.1 form this year.
    How big a issue is this. Should I be very scared?

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  • LC2002
    04-14 11:08 AM
    COngratulations on finishing the long journey !! Keep visiting IV :)

    Thanks, sure. Can't resist to come back as it has become old habit and old habits die hard!!


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  • geesee
    10-09 04:18 PM
    In this economy, forget any movement, I'd be happy even if we get to see the next bulletin..

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  • quizzer
    11-21 12:34 PM

    SR can be opened by company HR or lawyer if the service center processing time exceeds your receipt date by more than 30 days.

    As sunny said, when NSC moves their processing time to more than 21st Jan 2007 ( I assume ur RD is 21st DEC and EB3)...your lawyer can call the normal 1800...number and raise a SR.

    it's a simple process and lawyer should be knowing how to handle this.

    I see people getting decisions within 30-45 days after SR.

    Mine came in about 27 days.

    let me know if you have any questions.



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  • bijualex29
    03-24 12:48 PM
    I am wrong in my number. I added 10% to EB-1,2 and 3 all separately

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  • popoye
    08-20 02:07 AM
    Or is it only for EB3


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  • Saralayar
    05-21 07:59 PM
    Inspite of telling my lawyer she did the mistake of sending my EAD and AP before 120 day period. EAD filed 121 days prior and AP filed 148 days prior. I have gotten the receipts of both but AP status says that they have requested more information/evidence. I am wondering what additional information they need. Anyone else in this situation ?
    Is it 120 business days or just week days?

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  • spicy_guy
    09-08 05:44 PM
    Hi all,
    I know the Forums are still pretty active but is the IV Organisation itself still active?

    I came across the IV website yesterday and was really stuck by the mission statement of the Organisation. I did not think twice - went ahead and got registered and made one time donation. I even voted for one of the polls for Sep 18 rally and making plans to visit DC but only to realise today that it was really old one :) Also when I was reviewing the forums today I realised that most of the activities seem to be around years 2006-2007 - like Fundraising Campaign or Media News ,etc.

    Appreciate anyones response to let me know if IC is still active. Please do not direct any personal attacks. I did not need to explore GC info so far since my GC was started only during March of 2010 & got my Lc approved only yesterday.

    If the organisation is still active, I am looking forward to joing the CT chapter. Thanks!

    It IS active.
    Welcome and good luck!


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  • thomachan72
    04-19 07:48 AM
    Please change the color or font. Its giving the feeling of getting a slap

    Please concenterate on his message. It seems very important to the person who asked the question.

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  • Munna Bhai
    06-22 11:14 AM
    Please help...

    It is not possible to save any information on PDF forms if need to correct anything later..

    Any idea how to save data on all the forms...

    you need pdf writer, use demo.


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  • calboy78
    08-10 07:16 PM
    Sorry, I did not phrase it properly. Apologize.

    The previous post was so frustrated because EB3 is unavailable. So I was trying to say, in his point of view, it would have been a different case if the PD is somewhere around 2005/2006/current, may be he would have been ok with the Bachelor's degree.

    What I was trying to emphasize is - Many a times (not always) employers don't create job position with proper requirement and that causes employee to go in EB3.

    I was hired for a position that required Masters and I fortunately was in EB2, but a colleague of mine, who is doing the similar work, was put in EB3 because his manager created the position with a requirement of Bachelors. He had a Master's degree. Here employee suffered because of his manager's ignorance however USCIS is messing up on top of that. EB3 is an umbrella category for many kind of workers...including those who don't even require a Bachelor's. Probably those people should be in a new category EB4 least this will help EB3 with Bachelor's degree move forward.

    Another thing is - Some people (not in this particular thread) don't care much about EB3 people and some are even thinking of filing lawsuit against interfile (so that people can't switch from EB3 to EB2). IMHO, these people need to change their opinion. If we fight among ourselves instead of against bad laws, we will be doomed. United we stand, divided we fall !!

    The bottom line is - we are aware of the problems; we just need to support IV to fight against these problems.

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  • dallasdude
    05-08 02:20 PM
    It's well worth the risk now that EB2 is back to 2000. But talk to your attorney and see what he thinks is best for you and your family. I would go ahead and file for EB1 if I were you.

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  • bharani
    11-19 11:09 AM
    Anyone got the same thing? What can I do here?

    Refer to my comments in this thread

    05-21 05:29 PM
    "Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said the bipartisan compromise reached late last week is imperfect but a starting point for debate."

    Everybody agrees that this needs amendments. So, why oppose it and not amend it?
    Let us get our points accross and get our amendments. When the lawmakers have decided to fix the immigration system then they will have to address both legal/illegal.

    11-04 08:45 PM
    Whenever you want to switch jobs, you have to apply for a whole new H1.
    Having one already does not make things faster or easier, except when you are already in the US. In this case, you can switch jobs as soon as you file the new H1, you don't have to wait for approval. However, there is a big risk:
    what if the new H1 is denied? You already quit your previous employer and cannot work for the new one anymore...Then you are in big trouble.

    How often does a denial happen in a case of H1 "transfer"? Do you know? Why would a transfer be denied?