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  • nrk
    10-27 05:05 PM
    Thanks, I have an info pass appointment will find out and let you know.

    The service request is usually a waste of time. They will send a generic response to everyone when case is pending w/o visa numbers. I and almost all of my friends received a response that additional information was needed for processing your case and hence additional delay blah blah.. I think this guy just decided to use security message for your responses. I wouldn't worry about it. If you want to really check this, you can definitely make an appointment at local office and talk to the IO there. But it was even a bigger waste of time in my case. The IO at local office looked at his system/systems and told me that if it is a green card application its faster(just another month or so) and if it is a h visa there is a few month delay:confused: Go figure..

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  • ssnd03
    02-19 10:09 PM
    Even if PD is not current, I believe you can convert CP to AOS. Check Murthy website or talk to them.

    If this cannot happen for you then you should look for a change towards this provision.

    But EAD & AP fro CP is not going to fly administratively. As others have stated it is contradictory.

    Guys let's come together on this--everyone has some good points to share, from every angle. As a CP filer myself, I want to say that job stability concerns are very valid for CP filers, who are haunted by last summer's greenlight and today's major retrogression. The landscape has changed for everyone, for both queues. From personal experience of being in the BEC backlog, being too early for PERM and too late for concurrent filing, after 5 years of being in this process and seeing the further backlog ahead, yes I was willing to pick CP (even though I would be giving up my ability to work as the spouse) because it looked like things were finally moving last summer. The option was there for people to choose, and nobody knew the dates would roll back so painfully again. Equally, I also want to point out that IV IS about everyone and these marvellous efforts IV continues to put together and inspiring in all of us, are beneficial to all because the overall goal is to ease the backlog which is holding everyone back. Now that this discussion has happened we are all aware of the new problem that is facing CP filers in severly retrogressed countries. And it is better that this is brought to light as we continue forward. Please everyone, continue supporting the letter campaign and let's be united and discuss these issues with respect for one another.

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  • dpp
    08-10 03:26 PM
    LS is not illegal until the employers sell the labor. LS is legal channel where in employer fill the position with somebody else, if primary applicant it not available for some reason.

    But some employers are exploiting the law and selling it. This is ILLEGAL. I agree with that LS is LEGAL until it goes in a legal way. But selling or getting other benefits/gifts from the employee is completely ILLEGAL.

    Since USCIS cannot find who is selling and who is not selling, they banned it. It is a good move from USCIS, but it is too late. Too many got like this and enjoying the benefits leaving other poor souls who are waiting in line from years.

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  • Kushal
    11-21 02:48 PM
    That's very true. Shame on us for being lazy and waiting for the right moment.
    The 16th district teams needs to be more re-united. I will talk to digital2k and arrange to meet Zoe in few days.

    I don't know how many of you have actually visited DC offices and spoken to Congressional Office staff in person (not just sending E-mails or letters). I have been there, and done that. And I intend to continue to do that for myself, my family and the community..

    Let me tell you this, if there is anything related to immigration - whether Visa recapture or increase in numbers - it will be with CIR. There was a slim chance for piecemeal legislation in the 110th Congress. There is almost none in the current Democrat-dominated Congress. This is the political reality we have to live with.

    The question I was asked by the Congressional staff repeatedly was - 'If so many thousands are impacted, why are we seeing just 4-5 coming to DC asking for help? Why aren't we hearing about from our constituents? Why is it always 'the outsiders' approaching us? Why aren't they visiting us? Why aren't they writing letters to us?'. So many questions with no answers!

    Fact of the matter is our community cannot get what it wants unless we willing to pull our butts off the couch and do the dirty groundwork. Just the 50 or so of us dedicated IV leaders cannot work miracles.

    We don't have any magic spells or potions in our pockets. We need your help to succeed.


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  • icecolor
    02-12 07:42 AM
    You need to file form 4852. That is super easy and I have filed it once.
    There are no problems with that whatsoever.

    You employer cannot pull a single hairstring from your head. So do not worry about the legal notice. That is all bull. He is probably worrying day and night about the DOL complaint you made.

    What you need to, further, is go to the local IRS office and talk to one of the employee about not getting your W-2. Not providing a W-2 is serious issue.

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  • raamskl
    07-31 08:48 PM
    How did you get the LIN number for this case?

    Hm.. I was thinking that these are random #'s that I had typed in earlier and which IE had saved in the form box. But now I think about it, I believe i got these numbers from this forum on some thread long time back.. Don't know which one, I have edited the post now to mask the LIN #.



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  • abhijitp
    08-28 06:21 PM
    Here is the thread where you can request accomodation.


    I'll shoot you an email.

    I too am receiving a lot of these questions on about pick-ups/ drop-offs. Can you please start a thread for that purpose?

    Some people will be arriving on the day of rally and returning right after the rally. If something can be done to pick them up/ drop them off, please let us know. Thanks!

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  • ItIsNotFunny
    06-20 07:50 AM
    in short ,,they stop processing ur case once ur date rerogresses....!!!

    No! They keep processing but don't send final approval once your date is retrogressed.


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  • andy garcia
    08-22 10:14 PM
    Looks like this needs correction.Labors expire after 180 days from approval date after July 16th.

    Read on page 4

    Labor certifications approved on or after July 16, 2007, will expire 180 days from their date of issue, unless filed prior to expiration with the DHS in support of a Form I-140 immigrant petition for an alien worker.

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  • anurakt
    12-20 03:47 PM
    I may have to read this 5 times before I understand ...Any lawyers on this forum who can give us the bottomline...:)


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  • obviously
    03-21 01:01 PM

    Consider taking copies of ALL the flyers... they all have different angles... and will appeal to different needs and interests... but share a common set of core goals.


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  • manojp4
    04-01 08:17 PM
    both faxes sent to WA senators.


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  • mhb
    07-06 06:45 PM
    Contributions go well with congratulations...
    PLEASE, GO TO WANDTV.com and the synopsis of the interview has been posted there. it will be broadcast nationally tommorow!!!

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  • plassey
    08-22 03:25 PM
    I can guarantee that u r screwed for next 3+ years if it was EB2 and next 6+ years if it was EB3.
    Well, go ahead and cry in the bathroom now instead of actively supporting IV.

    My PD is Aug 2005. My employer by mistake sent the 485 application on June 27 and USCIS received on June 28. Today Aug 21, I received the rejected 485 full package back. Employer is following up whether it can sent back. Anybody has any idea of any luck in this case, or has to wait till dates are current again?:mad:


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  • chanduv23
    08-11 09:17 PM
    IMO, the key criterion is "occupational classification" under which the new job falls under, not the technologies used. For example, it is logical to conclude that a Software Engineer position that requires programming in Java is in the same or similar occupational classification as a Software Engineer job that requires programming in .NET.

    One could argue that .NET is a different technology than Java, but most if not all would agree they fall under the same/similar occupational classification.

    So as long as you can make a strong case that the occupational classification for jobs is the same/similar, I don't think there is a problem.

    Then again, I am not a lawyer and all that...

    In that case, both my old and new job (responsibilities and titles) fall under 15-1031.00 if we take into consideration a broader classification where job duties are the same but technologies are probably 60% same but some technologies mentioned in my L/C are obsolete and my current employer does not list those technologies.

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  • vasireddyanil
    02-19 09:42 PM

    Could you please review my situation? My attorney told me that I can not work untill the decission comes out from USCIS. In 485 denial notice it was mentioned that ....
    Upon consideration, it is ordered that your application for permanent residence, form I 485, filed on Nov 1 2004, to adjust your status to that of lawful permanent resident, be denied for the following reason (s):

    On February 13 2008, the US citizenship and Immigration service�s issues a revocation on the underlying form, immigrant petition for alien worker. Since the underlying petition is revoked, a visa is immediately not available. As such you cannot adjust status to that of a lawful permanent resident. Therefore, the form I-485 application is denied.

    8 C.F.R274a.14 (b)(1)(i) allows termination of employment authorization when it appears that any condition upon which it was granted has not been met or no longer exists. If you have received an I-765 for classification C9 based upon this pending I485, you are reminded that this EAD is no longer valid and can not be used to allow yourself to work in the United States.

    The decision leaves you without lawful immigration status���.

    After filing MTR (I290B) we received receipt number SRC-09 -044-xxxxx
    Notice Type: receipt Notice.
    Amount received $585.00

    It states that
    This notice doesnot grant any immigration status or benefit.It is not even evidence that this case is still pending. It only shows that the application or petition was filed on date shown...

    The notice number you are referring is same as I mentioned or different?

    I will appreciate your time and help in this regard. I will get back to you if you need further clarifications..

    Employer: A

    December 13, 2002: Labor date:
    October 26, 2004 I-485: Filed
    April 28, 2005 I-140 Approved (EAC1)
    May /2005 I765 Approved
    September 16, 2005 Used AC21- and moved to new employer.
    April /2006 I765 Approved
    Aug 26 2006 Went to India for 1 month vacation using AP
    Sep 20 2006 Returned to US
    April /2007 I765 Approved
    May 13 2007 Went to India for 1 month vacation using AP
    Jun 02 2007 Returned to US
    February 14/2008 The I140 IMMIGRANT PETITION FOR ALIEN Worker
    was transferred and is now pending at Texas

    February 22/2008 I765 Card production ordered.
    NOV 08/2007 I140 Notice Returned as Undeliverable to the employer/Attorney

    March 03/2008 I140 Notice Returned as Undeliverable

    March 05/2008 I485 Denial Notice Sent

    August 28, 2008: the post office returned the notice we last sent you on
    this case I485 APPLICATION TO
    STATUS as undeliverable
    Finally I got my denial notice. It was delayed due to previous attorney�s negligence and mistakes.

    Nov 26 2008 MTR received and pending

    What will be my fate? How long should I wait??


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  • adibhatla
    01-12 11:49 AM
    �Permit to re-enter (valid for two years. This document guarantees the holder�s return only if his stay outside the USA has not exceeded two years),

    Can't this be construed as AP doc.??

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  • aroranuj
    04-16 01:06 PM
    Yes I believe my attorney did provide the educational evaluation documents. It was the same documentation used for the H1B & the PERM Certification. Any idea of what my chances are with the appeal?

    did you give an education evaluation certification along with your original GC app and I-140 app? IT is very important documentation if u do not have a 4 year degree. Usually they accept 3 year degree with work exp to be considered in lieu of 4 year degree. for your case, where u do not have a 3 year bachelors also, ur education evaluation documentation needs to be extra strong and attractive. Hope this helps...

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  • addsf345
    07-13 04:37 PM
    Congratulations !

    To others,

    How about if IV publishes his brief story( off course with his permission), congratulating him on IV behalf, in all national news paper ( with or w.o his name ) Date of entry, profession, long time wait- reasons and all opportunities he may have missed, couldn't buy house, collage-tution probelms etc and all struggles he has his family might have faced. point by point.

    Money would come from special campaign. NY TIMES, USA TODAY, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, Miami Herald etc. News paper industry is struggling so won't cost much to buy a half/quarter page with a title - " An untold story of legal immigration" Or similar kind of eye catching title. Not more than 10-12 lines stating thousands others are waiting in line...

    There won't be difficult to get more his kind of cases to run it on regular basis in future.

    Any one ?

    Good idea, I support this.

    08-15 11:44 AM
    You can't. No lawyer will do so as this is fraud. If uscis is able to track it down, ie: they kept the envelope, then such a person is in trouble.

    You think they will go thru thousands of applications and check the tracking number? Besides I don't think they keep the original mailing envelope. So I think asking us to keep the tracking number is just BS.

    USCIS is already making contradictory statements. First they release an update that they have processed all applications mailed before July 1 but when I call customer service and tell them that my application was mailed on June 11th, they say wait for 90 days.

    07-08 08:52 AM
    I support this campaign too. Setting up a consular appointment and the anxiety that goes with not knowing whether the visa is granted despite having an approval is a stressful experience.

    So, should we be drafting letters to send to Hillary Clinton (Secy of State) ?