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  • desitechie
    05-03 11:19 PM
    I have applied EAD renewal to AZ lock box. It was delivered on Mar 29. I have not got any receipt so far. Also check is not cashed.

    Now it is 30 days and I should be able to call USCIS.

    I have two questions:

    1. Mail was sent with delivery confirmation, which confirms delivery on Mar 29. What if the package is lost there? Could I applying again? How USCIS treats two applications?

    2. I have not received any receipt, except I have delivery slip from Post Office. In counting 90 days, is it taken based on receipt or based on Post Office slip?

    Thanks a lot.

    Sorry about your plight. did you use USPS express mail? Do you have the name of the person who received in the Chase lockbox?


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  • teky
    11-12 08:24 PM
    If its the same category Mexico works. Different category For. eg. F1 to H1 Mexico is not good anymore.

    ** This is what I know but please consult an attorney.


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  • peacocklover
    10-08 08:10 AM
    Quite typical - on the one hand mouths off against illegals, but on the other hand employs them, I presume at below minimum wage with no benefits. And these are the people who want to be President of this country. Dobbs is nothing but a low life.

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  • kartikiran
    02-18 12:29 PM
    If you can you should move up to EB2.

    Even if it is file your spouse's I-485, what moving up means is you both can be free out of this mess.

    There is no guarantee with PD dates for EB3-India moving to Dec 2001. It has not touched that date ever since retrogression was introduced. Go figure. BTW, USCIS still thinks there are thousands and thousands of apps filed before Dec 2001.

    Best of luck.

    The PD for my GC application is Dec 10, 2001. I filed under EB3 category and my chargeability is India. Going by the backlog that we are currently experiencing for EB3, is it worth filing for an upgrade of the GC application from EB3 to EB2 based purely on timelines for both EB3 and EB2?


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  • nkavjs
    11-15 10:00 AM
    I am very keen to try and get a state chapter from Indiana. There have to be at least half a dozen of us.

    There are millions of Starbucks in the area, maybe we can monopolize a corner in one of them some time.

    From what I have read here then most of the replies are in the Indianapolis and northern suburbs, so I am proposing that we meet this Saturday at the Starbucks in Westfield!

    By this location I mean where Ashleys furniture is on US 31 and 146th Street.

    I can make it any time on Saturday but we have to set on a time, I am suggesting 11am.

    Hello Folks :

    I am in Indy (basically in fishers). Stuck in this process since 2003. I am all for active participation with this IV Indiana forum. Pls. let me know.

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  • GreenLantern
    04-14 05:50 AM
    The problem with that is, that most peple who play online games know what's going on with web design, and want a really really good site really really cheap.


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  • Desertfox
    08-01 12:14 PM
    You will be considered as an eligible non-citized once you have used your Advance Parole (obtained by filing I-131) to return to US after foreign travel. Your I-94 will have a parolee stamp, and you will need to submit that to the financial aid department of your school in proof of your "Eligible Non-citizen" status.

    Once you have the parolee stamp on your I-94, file FAFSA online and your school will be notified as soon as they process your application. You will then contact the financial aid department at your school and submit a copy of your parolee stamped I-94. The process was very easy and quick at Arizona State University for my spouse.

    Hope this helps.:)

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  • raysaikat
    11-14 10:57 PM
    i am not a lawyer and may be mistaken, but i was told that if one's spouse is using EAD, then you must be in EAD status and cannot be in H1 status (since then dependent spouse would be in H4 status and cannot work).
    Can anyone confirm this?


    It is the other way.

    If the spouse has EAD and wishes to be in AOS, then the primary applicant can be either on H1-B or on EAD; it does not matter.

    If the spouse has no EAD (so that s/he has to be on H-4), or for whatever reason wants to remain in H-4, then the primary applicant must be on H1-B.


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  • gcdreamer05
    11-19 12:55 PM
    The vermont service center says 2 months for h1b extensions, mine has been pending for 75 days, so i called the uscis today and guess what they told me, the processing times have been updated on teh web site but it is very difficult for us to follow them, i would suggest you wait for 90 days and see if there is any change in your online status if not call me back.

    Then why do these people keep updating monthly processing dates if they cannot stick to their words.

    I believe the processing times are just a gimmick to show progress to press....:mad:

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  • john2255
    07-20 02:46 PM
    am sorry to start a new thread but I feel the following thread is not getting the importance it should get. Everyone please dont miss the following thread. Its a big defeat during our celebrations.

    Major loss to us Cornyn amendment rejected


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  • jetflyer
    06-08 11:49 AM
    Thanks for opening this thread, I have a question which is not related to IV's core cause but suitable to this thread.
    I want to ship my car to India and don't know where to start, I would appreciate if someone could share knowledge/experience.
    Thanks in advance.

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  • Enebreus
    01-20 10:13 AM
    I thought it was kind of inherent in a programming competition. If he would allow external libraries, the contests could become jigsaw puzzle contests where the person who could find the best open source libraries, and piece them together properly could beat someone who made something completely from scratch.

    I appreciate where you're coming from.

    When I interpreted the rules/intent of the competition I didn't see anything wrong with using Box2D.

    I think I made something awesome no matter what happens. I'm happy with the final product and everything I've learned making it. I'd just hate to see it disqualified because someone assumed I'd know not to use external libraries or external audio.

    ps: can you post your code? and btw... i like what you did with your swarming code :)
    You can grab the earlier version of the Swarming code from my blog here:
    I share the code for most of my projects so feel free to browse around.

    In order to share the current version I'd have to do a lot of cleaning up... for example I wrote 5 different ways of handling broad level hit detection. At this point I would have to rewrite it to make it sharable.


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  • martinvisalaw
    02-23 06:04 PM
    YHowever, you will need to join company B at some point in time. This is what my company B told me. I believe it is once you file your 485 but I am not sure.

    You need to intend to work for the sponsoring employer once permanent residence is approved.

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  • smartboy75
    07-17 07:49 PM
    Not to mention the tons and tons of unnecesary pages and administrative effort involved in maintaing the data.....Everything boils down to price...If we ask relevant question we save saved is money saved..The same money we saved ..can be used for lobbying....Think about it


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  • desi3933
    04-06 12:43 PM
    By theoritical no problem, if you have credits equal to US bachelors and masters degrees.....

    Could you please share source/link for your assertion?


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  • mrsr
    08-03 09:42 PM
    Today nebraska issued total 4234 cases which includes all kinds of applications.
    last Lin numuber is lin0722554234



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  • sanju_dba
    12-21 12:36 PM

    In another thread, IV is proposing only pushing filing 485 before priority date. I try to understand what the benefits are by filing it. For one thing, you can switch jobs after 6 months? How about setting up your own consulting company?

    My understanding is you can setup business even with your H1 status, and has no dependency on 485.

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  • ItIsNotFunny
    10-09 05:17 PM
    Leave Nov visa bulletin, I am more interested in November pay check, thank to this economy.

    I like this :)

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  • eager_immi
    02-12 10:43 PM
    mine took 2 weeks in Vermont.. or wherever they moved it to. My friends took 1 week from houston.

    07-27 03:45 PM
    [QUOTE=ajaykk]From the below FAQ2 just release by USCIS

    Q21: Will USCIS permit applicants who filed adjustment applications between July 2, 2007 � July 17, 2007, but who have not yet received a USCIS generated receipt notice, to file for Advance Parole and Employment Authorization based on proof of delivery of the I-485 application?
    A21. Yes.

    Does this applies to the applications reached USCIS in June but receipt is not yet issued?

    01-24 12:00 PM
    The cheapest way will be to give some $50-75 to the attorney. They will answer your questions through email. At least you have some opinion to verify with. I would also suggest to go through the yellow pages and find immigration lawyers who give you first hour free consultation. Do not rely on people like me for the prefessional opinion. Even though we have good things in mind, we are not prefessional lawyers. Get 4-5 professional opinion and then you will automatically know what is the truth.

    Best luck !