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  • chantu
    02-28 09:21 PM

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  • texanguy
    05-10 05:56 PM
    Dear friends,

    has anyone applied for an endorsement of new passport information on PIO card with Travisa? How long did it take them to do it?

    Also, does anyone know if they accept walk-in applications? (Houston)...

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  • DSLStart
    07-29 11:22 AM
    He did ask me who filed for the GC so he knew mine was EB case.
    Is there any document on USCIS website that clearly states that EB AP holder's can visit outside US and return without need of emergency?

    The officer you met did not know the difference between AP applied on humanitarian grounds and AP applied based on pending I-485.

    My wife entered NEWARK after 6 months in India ( using I-485 based AP) and no questions were asked although the waiting time inside the secondary inspection room was really long.

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  • skpanda
    05-17 07:10 PM
    Upgrade of the existing case.

    Good Luck!

    Is upgrading to premium actually an upgrade of the existing case or is it just a new application filed under premium?


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  • abheja
    12-21 11:57 AM
    I am not sure if there is a way for you or your attorney to verify. You should ask your attorney and if it is possible, please verify.

    I got stuck in Canada for a week because the PIMS was not up-to-date. Luckily it took only a week but I have heard stories people getting stuck for a couple of weeks. If you are not in the PIMS, the consulate contacts the KCC and they have to research and update the PIMS. Do a find on PIMS and you'll hear a lot of stories.


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  • h1bnogc
    08-28 10:20 PM
    I had the same issue. I did not pay attention what I-94 expiration date was stamped by the officer in JFK airport. I had my visa expired earlier than my approved H1B status.
    I was able to fix it couple weeks later at home in Tampa Airport with US Customs and Border Protection. Make sure that you make appointment with them before you go to your nearest international airport. They will take you to secured area where they do all immigration paperwork. See U.S. Customs and Border Protection - Contacts (

    Next time, check the expiration I 94 date before you leave an immigration officer counter at the port of entry. This year, when I came back from vacation, the Immigration Officer at Atlanta airport did the same mistake. I told him that's not right and he fixed it.

    There are 2 dates on your visa stamp:
    1) Visa expiration date
    2) H1B status expiration date.
    Basically u do not need to show them 797 approved form because they can see all info on your visa stamp. But carry 797 with you just in case.

    Misha: how did you convince POE in second time? Thanks for sharing this...


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  • ca_immigrant
    05-14 11:40 AM
    So, this so called nice does it come?

    I know its by USPS , but do they need you to sign or something... ?when you get the cover or package, ...or will it be sitting in the mail box one fine day sometime after ones case is approved ?

    I might be out of the country perhaps when the card comes, (if I am lucky and my case is attended to by the authorities in July) .... (I will come back on AP)

    Intially I was thinking of putting a hold on my mail in the post office...but my lawyer said that USPS sometimes returns mails from USCIS (which could be H1, EAD, AP, GCs, etc...)

    So now am thinking I will request my neighbour to hold my mail for me....but am wondering if a signature is needed if the card comes during my absense....

    Thanks for your replies Folks !!

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  • dan19
    11-07 02:07 PM

    Many of the threads posted here are not directly related to "Employment-Based Green Card Retrogression". Most of them are related to problems we immigrants face day after day.

    I started this thread with a good intent. Many people who are searching for jobs are lured by "flashing advertisements" in sulekha. They find out the reality only once they start working for them and "Green Card" is sponsored.

    So if each one of us can post about good consulting companies we know about, it will help the current job hunters. (By the way, as far as I know, the majority of us in this forum work as consultants rather than as full-time employees)

    And what would that list of "good consulting companies" have to do with IV? Or Employment-Based LEGAL IMMIGRATION?


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  • seekinggc
    07-16 04:59 PM
    Hi to all in this morass called Immigration to the USA,

    #1 I've got a suggestion : IF there is some way we can get through to someone intelligent (duh !) at the IT department of the USCIS, would that be of some help to check up on what's happening with the cases ?

    #2 My lawyer filed an I-140 in June of 2006 with a PERM labor of PD Dec '05. He filed it with a "copy" of the labor and case is still pending. In May he filed some paperwork with the USCIS about my case so that they (USCIS) would request a duplicate of the "original labor" from USDOL. All this sounds very complicated. I would like to know the experience of other people in a similar situation and what needs to be done to expedite this process ? My I-140 has been pending for more than a year .....

    Thanks !


    My I-140 was filed in June 2006. It was based on the LC Substitution from the same company..but filed with the copy of the LC. It has been still pending for more than a year with TSC. Last inquired with USCIS in Jan 07, USCIS came back to us and said it requires an additional review. But the LUD remain the same as June 2006.

    My lawyer said she will another inquiry with USCIS in August 2007 as 6 months waiting period will be over from last inquiry....

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  • johnamit
    06-30 08:49 AM
    If I were you, I would decide office by Receipt Number EAC/LIN


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  • uslegals
    12-20 02:00 PM
    Hello Everybody,

    My wife & I have our 485 interviews in January. Any advice is appreciated. Mine is a EB (EB- 2) petition. Our PD is April 2006. We filed for 485's in July 2007 and our 485's were transferred to National Benefits Center in 2008. I was promoted hence my title is different now from what was filed on the Labor application and job duties only changed a little bit. My petitioner is the same,

    Couple of questions -
    Will they interview my wife & I together ?
    Is it advisable to take the immigration attorney with us for the interview.?
    Can the IO approve the case on the spot.?
    Can IO stamp the passport since my PD is current.?

    If somebody can direct me to any recent experiences for folks who did have interviews - that would be really helpful.



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  • pranju
    07-21 11:16 PM
    1 - if u have any new h1 approval notice after you came to US , then yr i-94 number will be same in approval notice , normally the last i94 and recent aproval notice 194 matches , u can cross check from there

    2- not sure


    I have a couple of questions here:

    1) The last digit of the I-94# number is not very clear(Not sure if it is a 3 or 8). What do I write in the 485? Is there any way to find the correct one?

    2) I filed the I140 without providing the A#. I understand that when I dont provide one, a new one is generated. And the A# is usually used to link the 485 with the 140. Now when I apply for 485, if I give the A# from my OPT EAD, will it be a problem because a new number will be already generated for I140? Should I write the A# in 485 or just leave it??

    Thanks in advance for all the replies.


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  • perm2gc
    08-24 04:45 PM
    Hi Everyone,

    I have a quesion on the same lines!!
    My H1B is approved till Mar 2007(have I797 till Mar, 2007). But you can file for extension 6 months before it expires ie, Sep 2006. So, now, say I get file for extension and get 3 year extension approval( I say 3 yrs bcoz my I-140 is approved). However, I dont have visa stamp for my current H1b.
    Now, if I go for H1b stamping, lets say, in Nov 2006, will they stamp it till Mar 2007(my earlier extension date) or the new H1b approval, ie, Mar 2010.


    please let me know if I have not made myself clear. Yes, it's a little different situation and I've not read anything about this kind of situation .

    You go for stamping for new I797 not for old one i asssume..They will issue you visa according to the I797(New).

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  • ragz4u
    02-03 12:40 PM
    You should try and get an appointment with his staff. I am also from PA and am willing to come with you to their office if he gives an appointment.

    Did anyone else get any emails from their senators/congressmen?


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  • copsmart
    06-09 05:29 PM
    Admins and moderators have other important work to do than deleting worthless threads like this.

    Just ignore this crap and move on.

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  • mdcowboy
    02-17 07:38 PM
    The PD for my GC application is Dec 10, 2001. I filed under EB3 category and my chargeability is India. Going by the backlog that we are currently experiencing for EB3, is it worth filing for an upgrade of the GC application from EB3 to EB2 based purely on timelines for both EB3 and EB2?

    You are not going to lose anything by filing through EB-2. This is going to be anyways a separate parallel process in no way affecting your current EB-3 application.


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  • kittu07in
    08-20 05:46 PM
    I was with with Company A and my H1B approval notice was until 2011 and my wife H4 approval notice was also until 2011.
    Recently I changed to Company B, where this company applied only H1B transfer and received a receipt number for that and it is in pending status. And they are saying H4 transfer also applied at the same time but we didn't received the receipt notice yet.
    In this H1B transfer process I got query on that petition, now Company B is saying I will not submit any documents for above query.

    I have an EAD when I was with Company A and it is still valid. I am planning to move onto EAD.....

    Can my wife change her status to F1 (Student) even her H4 transfer receipt is not available?
    And the old H4 approval notice is still in approved status when I check in USCIS website.

    Please help me in this situation, let me know all your opinion about this case.

    ~Thanks in advance.

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  • The7zen
    03-24 06:00 PM
    Since you have created this thread in Ask an attorney, I have say this.....

    I am not an attorney...its better to contact a good immigration lawyer to discuss your options.

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  • alex99
    09-28 08:46 AM
    My Employer is paying for my Family GC Expenses (Myself, Wife, and Daughter). I have been working for him for the last 3 years. At the time of Filing my Labor, I have signed a letter (Just a letter on Company Letter Head) and faxed him the copy and the Original is with me. The letter says I have to pay back all the expenses for my GC if I leave the Employer before my GC approval time + 6 months.

    My priority date is July 2006 in EB3 and 485 was filed on July 3rd. Based on the current trend it might take another 4 to 5 years to get my GC. My employer pays me very less and is not willing to give any hike in near future.

    After 180 days (AC21), I want to change my employer. In the above scenario, can my present Employer sue me if I leave him? Please suggest�

    Thanks in advance,

    10-11 09:42 PM
    Now that you have left your abusive employer, would you mind disclosing your ex-employer information?

    Friend, this issue is not only with my ex employer. As far I know most of the major consulting companies based in my native country who bring in L1s do the same stuff as the creator of this thread had reported.

    I was with one of the major consulting companies from my native country.

    01-13 03:29 PM

    I am live example..
    my perm was denied..and we filed MTR which has not gone through yet
    then my company filed another perm but for a different position and
    description..that got approved..

    i extened H1 with MTR but lost my priority date..which does not matter to me
    since i am EB2 and Rest of the world...just incase my MTR gets accepted
    i can use that PD