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  • ashoka
    09-26 02:28 PM
    I think everybody has LUD 08/05. So it does not help. I applied 485 on 08/08.

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  • starscream
    03-24 04:19 PM
    Have you hear anything from your appeal? Please let me know.
    Thank you.

    Aura M/Hassan 11,

    I am assuming that when you guys say appeal - you mean request for review (RFR) for the LC that got denied. My LC was denied in November 06 and my employer's lawyer filed a Request for Review (RFR )because the said they were absolutely sure that DOL had denied the LC in error. Well, DOL approved the RFR and my LC was approved in Jan 08 - YES it took 14 months. The advantage is that if RFR is approved the priority date can be maintained. The lawyer's had told me that it does take a year for RFR to be approved (of course at that time nobody expected that the Pdates would become curent in summer of 07 so I missed that bus) - but anyways now I can maintain my original priority date.

    From whatever I have read online it seems the lawyers have to be absolutely sure that the LC is denied in error by DOL to expect any positive reply for the RFR.

    Best of luck to you both!!

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  • santb1975
    06-06 11:11 PM
    I will keep you posted.

    Admins / Folks,
    Any updates on this!

    06/06/2008: U.S. STEM Advance Degree Numberical Limit Exempt Immigration Bill Introduced in the Senate

    There is a bill pending in the House which was introduced by Rep. Zoe Lofgren of California which is similar to this new Senate bill which was introduced yesterday by Sen. Barbara Boxer of California. The House bill is H.R. 6039 and the Senate bill is S. 3084. Both of these bills propose to exempt U.S. advanced degree holders working for the U.S. employers from the numerical limit in the employment based immigration. The full text of the House bill is posted on May 11, 2008.

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  • yabadaba
    07-22 12:33 PM
    It is a bit early. No checks will be cleared except the legal fee checks. :)
    Tomm will be the logically my application has been there for three weeks along with all the other july 2nd filers.

    they say they will reach receipting compliance by 1st of August at the NSC...if that is true we need to see some cleared checks right away


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  • abheja
    08-25 04:59 PM
    Is a lawyer necessary to file PERM? What are the cons of not hiring a lawyer and doing it ourselves?

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  • desi3933
    02-26 01:20 PM D&vgnextchannel=2f719c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 ____


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  • roseball
    02-15 10:51 AM
    Recently, my friend was in a very similar situation. His 6th year was expiring Feb 22nd, 2007 and he had a I-797 approval based on an approved I-140 starting Feb 23rd, 2007 to Feb 22, 2010.

    He went to India in December' 06 and came back to US sometime in Jan, 07. He got his visa stamped till 2010 at the Delhi embassy.

    At the Chicago port of entry, he just showed the officer the new I-797 so he can get an I-94 valid till 2010. Firstly, the officer denied him entry to US since his I-797 didnt start till Feb 23rd, 2007. Then my friend explained him and showed him his old I-797 which was valid till Feb 22nd, 2007. Then the officer cooled off and said he can only allow him until Feb 22nd as he cannot give him an I-94 based on a future dated I-797 approval. My friend tried to explain him and seems like he didnt even listen. But the officer told him that he can extend his I-94 by some procedure by contacting the local/regional USCIS office or by re-entering the country immediately after the current I-94 expiration. He is now planning to re-enter the country again to get a new I-94 valid till 2010.

    So, if I were you, if possible, I would only go to Canada after the latest I-797 approval start date so the whole thing is straight forward to get a new I-94 until the latest I-797 approval date. What I am trying to say is that your visa stamping wont be a problem, the issue could be to get a new I-94...Hope this makes sense..

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  • sudiptasarkar
    07-29 05:23 PM
    I entered US using AP on Feb 27 09. My current AP is valid till 17th Oct 09. The date on my I-94 Feb 26 2010. The parole stamp on my passport also has the Feb 26 2010 date. What does the date on the I-94 and parole stamp mean
    My question is if I go out of US in early October and want to come back after October 17th (AP expiry date) but before Feb 26 2010 (I-94 date) do I need a new/renewed AP, or can I enter US with my old AP since my parole stamp has Feb 26 date.



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  • yetanotherguyinline
    03-02 03:03 PM
    Here is the abstract of the paper....

    Immigrants have historically provided one of America's greatest competitive advantages. They have come to the United States largely to work and have played a major role in the country's recent growth. Between 1990 and 2007, the proportion of immigrants in the U.S. labor force increased from 9.3 percent to 15.7 percent. Approximately 45 percent of the growth of the work force over this period consisted of immigrants. Moreover, a large and growing proportion of immigrants come with high levels of education and skill. They have contributed disproportionately in the most dynamic part of the U.S. economy - the high-tech sector. Immigrants have co-founded firms such as Google, Intel, eBay, and Yahoo. And immigrant inventors contributed to more than a quarter of U.S. global patent applications.

    Since even before the 2008 financial and economic crisis, some observers have noted that a substantial number of highly skilled immigrants have started returning to their home countries, including persons from low-income countries like India and China who have historically tended to stay permanently in the United States. These returnees contributed to the tech boom in those countries and arguably spurred the growth of outsourcing of back-office processes as well as of research and development.

    Who are these returnees? What motivated their decision to leave the United States? How have they fared since returning?

    This paper attempts to answer these questions through a survey of 1,203 Indian and Chinese immigrants who had worked or received their education in the United States and returned to their home country.

    We find that, though restrictive immigration policies caused some returnees to depart the United States, the most significant factors in the decision to return home were career opportunities, family ties, and quality of life.

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  • nomad
    08-23 11:33 PM
    I did a concurrent submission of I140 and I485 on July 2nd. As and when the 140 PP comes back, can I get PP done even though I have already sent my application?

    Yes. You can change your application from regular to PPS at any time provided USCIS is accepting PPS for that category ( such as for I-140).


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  • weddell
    09-05 11:49 AM
    Depending on where you were located in the US, it might be a good idea to enter the country coming from a neighboring country (Canada, Mexico) with your green card in hand.
    In any case dont travel with too many luggages ...

    Let us know how it went.

    Good luck !

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  • PDOCT05
    10-29 12:32 PM
    Pls check the fees to be sent with new application, you might have to send the new fees. consult your lawyer

    Thanks much for all your suggestions..i will inform lawyer about this.,


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  • check_name
    07-24 07:32 PM
    what's the full name of Murthy?

    Isn't Murthy in the DC Area?

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  • StarSun
    04-12 09:24 AM
    Please send in your questions for this week (Thursday, Apr 14th) to


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  • amsgc
    12-18 02:22 AM
    See response below:

    Hello all:

    I have few questions related to my travel plans to India. We will be leaving in January 2009.

    We have our Advance Parole and EAD approved till 2009. I-485 is still pending . EB3 India.
    My H1B visa stamp is not current or up-to-date on my passport. We have booked our flights with North-west airlines and KLM which will depart from Detroit-Amsterdam-Mumbai. I have few questions pertaining to my travel.

    1) Would I still need to get a transit visa for Amsterdam, even though our flight will be halting for few may be 3-4 hours at Amsterdam- Schiphol Airport? If I do have to arrange for Amsterdam transit-visa, then where should I start as far as documentation is concerned.

    - You don't need a transit visa for Schipol.

    2) Besides carrying my Passport, Advance parole copies with me, please advise me if I need to carry any more documentation from my end.

    - You don't need any other document; you can carry the I-485 receipt notice.

    3) Would I need a copy of employment letter for visa purpose, or carrying my recent pay-stubs would be fine?

    - visa forms + appointment letter
    - Original I-797
    - Employment letter
    - Original marksheets/degrees as a basis for your H-1B app
    - copy of your H-1B petition + LCA
    - Pay stubs

    I would appreciate if you could please guide me with the travel related visa -requirements and documentation. Thanks!


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  • njboy
    10-30 04:02 PM
    yeah the meeting was really good..I got to meet many people but had to leave a bit early. For a first meeting (for me) I got an overview of IV etc and put faces to the handles I see in here. For future meetings I think we should
    1) establish action items
    2) find volunteers to carry out specific action items
    3) set drop-dead dates for each item
    4) find a conduit for communicating back the results /feedback from the implemented tasks (yahoo groups works fine)
    5) list out our progress/obstacles/lessons learnt


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  • SunnySurya
    11-02 05:09 PM
    Yeah! let us all right to John McCain!

    Please CONGRATULATE to the new President on Tuesday by all channels and DEFINITELY ASK the question " Now that you are the president, do you want to further punish us for being legal and sticking to the rules and hence make us wait forever in these long painful EB2/EB3-I long queues, . Mention about 5882, small admin fix.
    does he want to give us some immediate relief. Dont forget to mention we can buy houses, not new job applicants, legal etc and HIgh-skilled.

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  • martinvisalaw
    07-06 09:51 AM
    See answers below, IN CAPS.

    I'm a little confused about my options in starting my H1 extension process and applying for my wife's H4 application.
    Here is my current status :
    6 yr H1-B period is ending on Dec 22, 2009. I'm getting married in India in October and will apply for my wife's H4 immediately after. Here are my questions :

    1. Will there be any problem with my wife's H4 application if there are just 2 months of validity left on my H1 visa?


    2. I could potentially start my H1 extension process now. I'm eligible for a 3 year extension since the Priority date of Jan 3, 2006, on my EB2 application is not current. If I was to start my extension process now, my approval may not happen before October and my lawyer says there may be some problems if I travel outside the country on a pending H1 application. Should I apply for my H1 extension now or after I come back to the US in November?


    3. If I was to apply for H1 extension in Nov and don't get an approval by the time of my current H1 expiry in December, will I be out of status?



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  • MatsP
    October 25th, 2004, 02:09 AM
    I like the sky in #2, but as someone said "what's behind the fence". It's just not telling enough of a story. But the sky is a keeper for some PS work... ;-)

    My vote is for #4. I can't really tell you why, it's just the one my eyes keep coming back to...

    All of them have nice DOF. I guess they are at 18mm on your 18-55?


    09-28 09:22 AM
    any body in the same boat?

    02-21 03:07 AM
    Got a letter from Sen B Boxer, CA. Standard letter.. with bla bla bla..
    zeast of letter.. Sen. is working hard to resolve the complex issue and requested me to keep patience.

    :) That i am doing anyway from last 7+ year..:D

    Yes it is positive --At-least senators are sticking to their timetable of CIR by March and April.

    I guess that is the reason IV is asking for stories by Wednesday noon, This hearing is also on the same day.