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  • saxx
    01-19 10:52 PM
    Yeah man, trying to communicate with

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  • pappu
    12-13 01:05 PM
    After giving the call for the meeting only one member responded and met me. If there is no active interest by members how can we all get things done. We need every member to participate in the effort. Together we can do it!!

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  • snhn
    11-06 11:55 AM
    WEre there any LUD on your case before you all got them.

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  • mmeshref
    12-02 05:55 PM
    I am in US right now on H1B status, I've my wife on H4 status, I'll be leaving to renew my H1B again, but I heard that some people get their case under review for months, so I am planning to re-enter to US using my AP in case this happened to me.

    My question now:
    Would re-entering to US using my AP void my wife's H4 status? Knowing the fact that I'll be working with my H1B status and I am not planning to use my EAD

    If you can provide me with some links on USCIS supporting this, it would be great


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  • surabhi
    07-13 01:08 PM
    I took infopass to clarify my situation with 2 I-485, different A#, and one I-140.

    The IO verified and told me that both Apps have been merged and keying in either A# has brought back both Appslications. There was a LUD few weeks before I took infopass. I think it may have been because of merge.

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  • sukhwinderd
    09-14 04:21 PM
    Hi All,

    I think a lof people have the LUD is 08/05/07 for 140 filed in TSC..and everyone takes their guesses. Please post if u r LUD for 140 is 08/05/2007 ;

    what are you trying to get at ? or analyze?
    what matters is when you filed.


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  • wheretogo
    11-28 01:35 PM
    On Monday (11/27) I got EAD card. There was wrong in "from valid Date"

    My Current EAD expires on Feb 27th 2007 and I received New EAD Valid from 11/28/2007 to 11/27/2008.

    - I called Customer service First time they have told me to resend I-765, Original EAD and letter telling, what is wrong.
    - Second time when I called customer service and explain issue, She transferred me to Immigration office. I got Immigration officer from Los Angles and He told me same thing to re-send all documents again without Fee
    - Third time, I called VSC and talk to officer and he look my case and realized the mistake and told me , he will take care and send me new EAD card with proper validate date but when I asked me case number or reference number, he told me that you have to wait for 30 day to get new card.
    - I also took InfoPass appointment tomorrow and see what local INS office suggest me.
    - Tomorrow I am going to call Vermount centre and discuss and then send I-765 forms , Original EAD and letter explaining the issue.

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  • gc_check
    10-17 01:22 PM
    Hi All,

    I have got fingerprint notice and appointment is after 3 weeks in Charlotte NC. I will not be available on that day and do not want to postpone the appointment.

    I would like to prepone the appointment and I tried to find Charlotte USCIS local phone number but could not find anywhere. The only number is general 800 number and that was of no use.

    Does anyone have any experience with Charlotte office? Can I just go there and will they do fingerprint any day before actual appointment? Charlotte is around 4 hours drive. It will be painful to drive there and find that they don't do fingerprint before appointment day. What day is normally good if I want to take the chance? Have anyone actually called them and prepone the appointment? What is the local office phone number?

    These are two many questions. But all are related. Sorry for being so long and thanks in advance for your response...

    Not sure if you can prepone. Call the customer service and check if they can schedule sooner. I think, given the July fiasco/rush, they schedule based on the availabilty of appointment in local office.

    Also can you please share you reciept date/notice date and when you received your FP appointment. Was your case directly sent to TSC or got trasnferred to TSC from other center.


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  • CaliHoneB
    05-05 02:08 PM
    My thoughts exactly! Here is a thread I opened on the subject a couple of weeks ago:

    The idea makes such good economic sense (the government would be price discriminating to increase its revenue) that if USCIS were a private entity they would have implemented something like this a long time ago. But unfortunately it is not and we have to suffer under a "one size fits all" system.

    I am glad some one else also agrees with my thoughts..Let us continue this discussion on old thread..

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  • bekugc
    03-17 09:29 PM
    regarding the below question while using AC21

    2. first join the new company using EAD, then ask the new company to apply for H1 transfer. will this work?

    can somebody tell if there is any issue with this? as i mentioned, i havent used AP and existing i-94 still indicates H1b status (not AOS



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  • leo2606
    08-19 06:17 PM
    You can print them from the following location.

    Can that flyer / poster be made available to other here?

    I was thinkining of posting it in indian stores etc...

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  • srikondoji
    10-15 05:37 PM
    The way the government is trying to make money by first increasing H1-B fee and then adding premium processing and then adding I-140 premium processing, it looks like we are not too far from premium processing everything in GC(I-485 etc).

    They could introduce a jumbo offer for $20,000 and you get GC within few days.


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  • sri1309
    11-04 06:33 AM

    Please congratulate the new President. Send your messages.

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  • GCBy3000
    02-12 02:36 PM
    If you have approved labor and 140, why you want to file EB2 perm?

    1. Are you jumping to another company? Yes you can do this as you are not substituting any labor. You are just porting YOUR PD.

    2. Are you thinking to apply ther PERM from the same company? It is possible only if you jump to different department. Yes, you can still port the PD.

    Substitution is the terminology used only when the beneficiary name changes. As long as the original labor is in your name, you can port the PD n number of times.

    I was reading through a thread here where someone said that since LC substition will be banned soon and 140 will have to be applied within 45 days of labor approval else LC becomes invalid, so it would not be possible to transfer the priority date of a old LC which has I140 approved to a new LC that could be filed in another category since it would be more than 45 days since the old LC was approved. Is this true, if yes, this is the final blow to those apirants in Eb3 aspiring to transfer PD by reapplying in Perm Eb2 and transferring PD based on approved I140. Please respond with comments. Thanks.


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  • Almond
    07-17 07:34 PM
    Does it really matter if the same questions get asked over and over? That's why this place is here, to help us, right? If you don't have the patience to reply to someone don't and someone else will help that individual. What's annoying is when people post the same darn links and quotes from other websites over and over sometimes back to back without bothering to read through a thread. Otherwise, asking questions for clarification is not an issue since this is the PURPOSE of this forum. And yes, you can search the forums, but if your question has been answered months ago I wouldn't rely on that, I'd rather find out a more current answer. This whole place is so sensitive, it's amazing.

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  • STAmisha
    08-03 10:19 AM
    Spoke with a lawyer. He told me that PD need not be current to interfile though it is commonly held belief


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  • paskal
    08-22 07:10 PM
    All MN dwellers- join us!

    Folks from IA and the Dakotas are also welcome

    For WI- pm alisa
    For IL/MO - pm janilsal
    For MI/IN - pm chintu25

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  • raysaikat
    05-27 05:53 PM
    My parents visited here in US last year. Unfortunately my mother got high fever and admitted in hospital giving me bill of 30000$.

    Insurance company denied my claims as pre existing condition. I tried several ways to convince insurance company but all in vain.

    I negotiated with hospital to pay 15000 and paid off hospital bill.

    I also got a doctor bill later and that went to collections. I didnt pay doctor bill (500 dollars) till today.

    Does this 500 dollar collection notice will effect my mothers next visit?
    If I pay now does it matter anyway?
    Is there any chance of deportation?

    Please advice...

    Not paying the $500 is bad for your credit history. However, they should have no effect on your immigration --- AFAIK, the only thing they check if you were ever on public assistance ...

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  • Sandeep
    02-01 10:00 AM
    "Immigration. Despite intense pressure from social conservatives and conservative GOP populists, Bush stood firm against immigration restrictions that cut off economic opportunities for all newcomers. "We hear claims that immigrants are somehow bad for the economy, even though this economy could not function without them," he told lawmakers, some of whom are pushing immigration law changes that Bush opposes.
    Such talk is music to the ears of businesses that rely on immigrant labor. But the President will have to hang tough to avoid tough immigration restrictions sought by his party's right wing. "
    "President Bush understands that continued American economic leadership is not a birthright. We must do everything we can to keep our workforce competitive. This includes a commitment to better math and science education, new worker training programs and improved access to highly educated foreign workers," said Sandra Boyd, National Association of Manufacturers Human Resources Policy Vice President and Compete America Chair.

    07-23 02:56 PM
    Assuming you have very good credit history - you may also consider getting Citibank PremierPass Elite card. It gives you 1 thankyou point for each mile - multiplied by the number of travellers when you book using this card. This is in addition to any airline miles you will earn.

    I got $500 of gift cards (staples/sears etc.) and cash checks from encashing the thankyou points (roughly fifty something thousand) from my last India trip. This card has $75 yearly fee - but that is more than compensated by the 20,000 bonus thank you points they give for enrolling in the card.

    And if you have a long layover like I had (7 hours) - maybe you could even consider one of those cards which gives you free lounge access. I have Citibank Platinum Amex. These cards require even better credit history than Premierpass Elite. Again - all these cards have yearly fee - but you can get bonus for enrolling which compensates for these. Mine has a $125/yr fee and gave me a bonus of 20,000 thankyou point for enrolling.

    I typically go to india every alternate year. My plan is to cancel these cards every year and re-enroll just before I travel.

    10-21 05:07 PM
    I also called the number 202-224-7703. The lady told me that, it is scheduled for hearing this fall and we can check on Website . She said, usually they post the date, 1 week before the hearing in the committee. She is also told that, she is going to pass on the message for hearing, to the senators.