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penelope cruz dating. Spanish actress Penelope Cruz
  • Spanish actress Penelope Cruz

  • reddymjm
    08-04 07:52 AM
    Me too got the same email.

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  • Penelope+cruz+hairstyles+

  • number30
    04-07 07:08 PM
    Thats a little strange, as employers now a days are suggesting to use EAD instead
    of H1's as the extentions itself has problems. And based on what i know its
    ok to be on EAD instead of h1. Either way there is not much difference.

    It is not strange from employer perspective. That way they will not be subjected to auditing from DOL. And they can show less number of H1B employees. Some people also gets advantages of non- H1B dependent employer.

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  • is dating Penelope Cruz#39;

  • whoever
    07-20 01:59 PM
    hey, so you got h4 by just producing marriage affidavit and not marriage certificate?

    penelope cruz dating. Penelope Cruz.
  • Penelope Cruz.

  • redgreen
    08-09 11:40 AM
    Have you put a last date for cashing, on your check?? I just want to know how to do it?
    Anyway why did you put this Aug 17th as the last day in your check? It looks like you have some extraordinary vision on things....
    Thanks for your wisdom and help to the IV community.

    Anybody with July 19th receipt date got their Check encashed? How about Receipt Notice? EB-3 India.

    I am worried about checks not being cashed yet. After Aug 17th the window is closed.


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  • Penelope Cruz IS dating Javier

  • roseball
    05-02 10:52 AM
    I understand that the chance is slim.... almost microscopic :rolleyes: But I need to prepare for the worst case (or is it the best...?? :confused:) hence the question.
    Any idea about how long consular processing takes and does it depend on priority dates (in the case of a further retrogression)?

    Thanks for the input, will keep a close watch on the visa bulletin and keep my wife's return trip options open.

    Thanks again.

    Yes, CP depends on PD as well. The best option for you is to have her fly back to US once the Visa bulletin shows your PD as current and start the prep work (documents, medical tests etc) and file her case along with AP/EAD so once she gets her AP approval, she is free to travel again.

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  • Penelope-Cruz-Javier-Bardem

  • lskreddy
    08-01 10:06 AM
    KXAN reporter Matt Flener requested the following:

    I�m looking to do a story on immigrants that get bad immigration lawyers. You know, the ones that say they�ll do it for really cheap, yet screw everything up. Do you know what I�m talking about?

    Also, do you know of any other stories through your affiliation with immigration voice that I could work on? Any place where people trying to get into this country legally are not getting a fair chance.

    Matt Flener
    KXAN Austin News

    Do we have any one here in Texas (Austin would be better as he can come by and talk to you) whose lawyer experiences are a nightmare? Let me know and I can put you in touch with Matt Flener.


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  • Gallery of Penelope Cruz

  • jetflyer
    08-05 10:13 AM
    I am expecting more.. lets see what happens in next 1 week.
    If we don't see approval it means there are chances for Cutoff date moving forward for EB2 I/C.

    penelope cruz dating. (was dating Penelope Cruz)
  • (was dating Penelope Cruz)

  • ujayra01
    05-10 08:03 PM
    I did apply PIO for my daughter 3 weeks ago and it's still processing. This is NY consulate. The status simply says couple more days!


    penelope cruz dating. (was dating Penelope Cruz)
  • (was dating Penelope Cruz)

  • inskrish
    09-01 01:46 AM

    I see that RFE is requested on my I-485 along with my wife application. I haven't received the notice yet. Could you please let me know if any july 2007 filers have RFEs on their cases.

    Help is much appriciated.



    Most of the I-485 RFEs I have heard/seen so far is related to (1) AC-21 and (2) Birth Certificate, but your case may be different. All the best.

    penelope cruz dating. Penelope Cruz
  • Penelope Cruz

  • Ramba
    02-27 07:48 PM
    I just sent the fax to senators of my state for amendment to Sen. Specter markup. The current format is not effective.

    My main concern is why our people are worrying about filing AOS when visa number unavailable? Man, this should not be our concern at all. Our main concern should be reinstating the AC21 provision that allow the oversubscribed countries to use excess visas in each EB category.

    If the current form of specter bill passes, there is no benefit to any of us. If EB visa increased to 290K, excluding dependents from counting from FY 2001, recapturing unused visa from 2001 to 2005, and excluding EB1 (OR+EA) and EB2 (MS+3) from count, that drastically increase the visa numbers. The increase is unimaginable, and I feel that it will be about 4 to 5 times than current 140K numbers. If all the listed provisions appears in the final bill, the visa number will always be �current� for all countries for many years, provided AC21 (elimination of per country limit if demand is less than supply) reinstated. If this happens, no one needs to worry about filing AOS when visa number unavailable. That situation never arises.

    If current form of Specter bill passes, all the new numbers created thro above listed provisions, will not give any benefit to India/China. DOS simply say per country limit is 10% only no matter what. Remember that, 10% is total of FB+EB numbers. (480000+290000). India and China FB numbers are also heavily backlogged. Therefore our main concern is to reinstate AC21 provision not filing AOS, and keep pressure to keep the listed provisions (EB visa increased to 290K, excluding dependents from counting from FY 2001, recapturing unused visa from 2001 to 2005, and excluding EB1 (OR+EA) and EB2 (MS+3)) in the final bill.

    Please modify the format.


    penelope cruz dating. Penelope Cruz
  • Penelope Cruz

  • reddysms
    06-24 09:41 AM
    I even have exactly the same message. I am hoping that the status might change as delivered today or tomorrow.

    penelope cruz dating. Penelope Cruz#39;s Inner Monster
  • Penelope Cruz#39;s Inner Monster

  • java4yogi
    09-19 04:20 PM
    Thanks for your reply. It does clear up a lot of questions..Now I guess we will be going to the SSN office after Oct. 1st only.


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  • Who Is Penelope Cruz Dating

  • hopefulgc
    08-20 10:44 PM
    apr 2004

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  • sunnymit
    08-10 03:42 PM
    You are right that to get registered in US I would have to marry in US. That's why I was asking if I even need to get it registered in US to file for my green card. Response I got on this forum was Indian registration certificate is fine.

    I want to restate that I got my green card on August 9th 2010. So I need to be married prior to this date for my wife to derive her green card status using mine.


    I think you will be fine as long as the marriage happened before your 485 got approved - which in your case is true. However, IMO since your wife is not here in US right now, you will need to do file her AOS via consular processing...


    penelope cruz dating. Dating Penelope Cruz
  • Dating Penelope Cruz

  • a_yaja
    06-07 03:54 PM
    Heard on CNN ...

    Looks like the Vote to Limit the number of Debates (On Amendments) on CIR has failed.
    The reporter stated that If the bill fails it will fail by Sundown today
    before the eggs hatch
    We need to wait for sundown. Looks like some backroom manuvering is going on.

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  • Dating Her Penelope

  • lazycis
    01-11 11:45 AM
    Yes. I will look into local and state chapter over the weekend. Thanks. If I have to go down, will go with a fight.

    How long is your I-485 pending? Ever thought about suing the USCIS? This is still the country of law.


    penelope cruz dating. actor is dating Cruz.
  • actor is dating Cruz.

  • newyorker123
    09-28 03:21 PM
    How long did it take for you after filing the FOIA to get the concerned documents ?

    Complex tracks(track 2) taking 2-3 months these days, like the one I requested for the complete set of documents in file of my I-485. They send me the CD with all the documents in PDF format.

    But if you are looking for specific document I guess it will be faster as they put in simple track(track 1).

    penelope cruz dating. dating Penelope Cruz#39;s
  • dating Penelope Cruz#39;s

  • Sri_
    09-27 03:46 PM
    Whoever has already attended FP, did the FP officer ask for 485 receipt also along with FP Notice.

    I received FP Notice, but didnot receive receipts. I have the FP appointment tomorrow.


    penelope cruz dating. Penelope Cruz gets thicker
  • Penelope Cruz gets thicker

  • ArkBird
    03-19 01:48 PM
    Canada option though attractive has his own problems and I mean serious problems!. When you apply for stamping, consulate will first cancel your existing visa so if your H1B is denied you have to go to your home country from Canada!

    02-24 04:41 PM
    Everyone, any idea where Sunil Joshi is these days? Havent seen a post from him in a while. Is his handle different?

    02-24 01:25 PM

    Could NOT see the document though