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  • goosetavo
    06-30 09:20 PM
    My company has just told all employees that became current and were planning on filing in July that the historical revision is VERY likely to happen on Monday or Tuesday. If you have the I-485 documents in your hand SEND THEM NOW!
    If not (my case, my lawyer is still getting them ready), hold tight and see what happens. I swear that if USCIS screws me (and thousands more) next week I will join a class-action lawsuit against USCIS. This is outrageous, I couldn't believe the news when I heard it. I just hope it's wrong but even Murphy's site says it's 95-98% likely.
    Our stress, frustration, wasted time and money will cost them dearly if they attempt this travesty.

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  • solaris27
    07-12 08:33 AM

    Even though the USCIS will accelerate processing of some of these cases, these I-485 waiters and their family members may want to take care of following three relief within this month:

    I-140 Premium Processing: The first condition of present limited I-140 premium processing is the unavailability of the visa numbers for you. If your H-1B six-year limit will reach within the next two months and one-year increment extension is not available in your situation, please make it sure that you file the premium processing of I-140 petition before the end of July, 2008 for the three reasons: (1) Without the approval of I-140 petition, I-485 cannot be adjudicated. Since the premium processing will not be available from August 1, 2008, you should not fail to file premium processing services. (2) If the circumstances are such that you may have to change employment using approved I-140 petition, approval of I-140 petition by premium processing will be particularly critical. (3) As explained below, approval of I-140 is one condition for the H-1B three-year increment extension. If such extension is critical for you, you should seek premium processing services as quickly as possible within this month.
    104(c) Three-Year H-1B Extension Petition: If you filed I-140 and I-485 concurrently during the period of July 2007 Visa Bulletin fiasco, some of you may have obtained the I-140 petition and are just waiting for the adjudication of I-485 application. Again, some of you who fit this description may not be eligible for one-year increment H-1B extension because of specific situation in each case. You may then have to file the three-year increment H-1B petition within this month as the 104(c) petition can be filed only during the visa number is not available for you.

    Two-Year EAD Extension Application: If your EAD will expire within the next four months (120 days), you should file the EAD application within this month since the first condition for the two-year EAD is unavailability of visa number for the applicant.

    The foregoing actions will be particularly important for the late I-485 receipt date filers. Since the USCIS is likely to adjudicate the I-485 applications in processing queue which is generally determined by the date of receipt of I-485 applications, the later the filing date is, the longer the adjudication will take in general, and the earlier the filing date is, the shorter the adjudication will take unless some issues are involved. Good luck.

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  • ksadara1
    06-11 01:56 PM
    Hi Guyz,

    I just joined the group today and looks like the group is quite active in making the issues reach the concerned people. Let me know if I can do anything from my side to keep the ball rolling.


    Residence: Newport/Pavonia.
    EB2 and just filed for my I-140.

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  • jaocanada
    06-10 08:29 PM


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  • priti8888
    02-16 03:13 PM
    What is the % of chinese, Indians in USA ?

    14% Asians Americans in US. (includes indians,chinese koreans, viatnamese, japanese etc)

    I dont know about India and china specifically.

    There are 2.7 million Indian americans in the U.S and 9.3 Chinese Americans.

    You do the math.

    Not sure if the totals include GC holders

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  • logiclife
    02-16 12:05 PM
    Call the phone number under "Contact Us" tab and you will be in touch with people who are volunteers and founders of this org. Talk to them and see what the whole deal is about getting this name check issue into main agenda.



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  • ramus
    07-06 03:13 PM
    New members and old non contributing members who were questioning why we need fund if we not going for law-suit, I wish now they will understand with the recent development that why we need money.. Because of IV we are having our voice heard. Just think where you could be and who will listen to you if there is no IV..

    I hope new members will come forward and old members will come out of dark and will contribute..

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  • perm2gc
    01-05 08:30 PM
    Guys we had 115 new members today.It was great to see so many new members on the same day.It is all due to the hard work of many members.If we continue ,we will make our 10,000 mark

    Thank You


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  • GCplease
    03-04 09:26 AM
    I am with Singhsa on this.

    Recapture of un-used visas alone can make a huge difference.

    Recapture of the unused visas which amounts to 160,000 and the yearly quota of Employment based visas for 2008 will add up to 300,000 visas which would approximately mean 150,000 families getting a Green Card.

    Once people get a Green card, they�ll feel secure about their future and start thinking about buying a home and settle down. 10% of this may already have a home. 40% may not have the intention of buying a home due to various reasons. If the remaining 50% decide to buy a home after they get a green card, that amounts to 75,000 homes being taken off the real estate market.
    This will not completely remove the housing crisis, but it will definitely ease it a little bit.

    Legal immigrants have a very good credit score and the Lenders will be more than happy to offer them loans. At an average home value of $ 200,000, this will amount to Fifteen Billion Dollars which will work along with the President's Economic Stimulus Plan in bringing the nation out of Recession.

    My assumptions are very conservative here. Even thought the average price for a home in US is around 200k, most of our guys live in costly places where houses will average around 300k.

    We are not offering to USCIS that so many of us will buy a home if we get a greencard. we are just showing them the potential here.

    We are not asking them to change their laws to increase the quota of green cards. all they have to do is, do some administrative fixes (which we are lobbying for in the Letter to President Campaign) whereby they can re-capture un-used visas.

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  • ashwin_27
    07-01 03:47 PM
    I think the new reference # for the Sanders Amendment is now
    Senate Amendment 4439 to the American Jobs and Closing Tax Loopholes Act (H.R. 5297).. Correct??

    People will be sending emails to senators with reference to the wrong amendment if this text is not corrected!!


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  • nat23
    06-12 03:01 PM
    I think the whole discussion can be summed up in the following manner: The CIR in its present form does more harm to us than good. If we can manage to get a favourable amendment attached then we are in good shape else we are in trouble.

    People might approach the issue in different ways:some might want to take a chance and work on it to get an admendment and some might not want to support it fearing an amendment wont be possible.

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  • va_labor2002
    07-24 09:34 AM
    Any comments from Core team about this thread ?


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  • sweet23guyin
    04-24 10:21 AM
    Congratulations. Enjoy your freedom.
    I have question, how do you get email? i mean do we mention email address in 485 apps. sorry it's not on my head what i have filled in 485. Just need to know where and how we provides email address. And help us with more information.

    Create an account at

    You will get updates of ur case through email.

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  • alterego
    09-19 08:06 AM
    This is a crisis of confidence, brought about by the weakness of the housing market and therefore the securities based on the mortgages to those homes.
    House prices are down nearly 20% and have perhaps another 10% to go.
    The pain ie 30% of the value of the housing stock will end up being distributed across various players. Homeowners will take the bulk of it, Financial institutions will take some, Gov't unfortunately will take some(ie tax payers), foreign investors will take some, Insurers some, Inflation will eat away some(this will be a 2-3 yr process when all is said and done), etc. In the end the markets will climb out of it. Exactly how much each of these parties will eat is currently being negotiated on capitol hill. The truth is nearly every bank is under water at this time. However, commercial banks are only safe because they have stable depositor bases. Hedge funds and other institutional investors who play the repo market are more fickle and have seized up the bank repo and other credit markets. Liquidity and lowered rates alone is not solving this mainly because it is a question of confidence. This will get better once the gov't puts in a more definitive solution. I hope however that whatever solution is provided makes it extremely painful for any one to want to take that route, ie the shareholders and management should be wiped out and that too only for a loan which must be repaid. IF real estate recovers to anything close to what it was in 2006 by say 2015 or if confidence surges sooner, then the US Gov't could conceivably make money from this.


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  • gc_wow
    02-28 01:33 PM
    Commodity prices like crudeoil,steel,wood used in construction are at lowest since a decade.The commodity prices will not go back to 2006 levels not in near future,so already constructed houses have lost almost 70% value in them.Bail out or another help will not sort this issue.Only free market has to solve the issue.For housing to get to 2006 levels there should be huge housing boom in China,India where they have huge populations.People in India are poor so they cant afford a house even if they want one.China wont spend they are intersted in buying US treasuries.So the only option for the bank is to write off these houses.Govt help for home owners will be only a drop in the ocean.

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  • Ganesh99
    07-04 06:07 PM
    I think we should use this opportunity to lobby Congress to pass Legislation to help legal immigration that are least controversial.

    1. We should be able to file 485 independent of priority dates.
    2. Exempt dependents from VISA cap.

    In my opinion pursuing a lawsuit may not help us much.
    We should raise money to pursue lobbying instead of the lawsuit.

    IV should use this opportunity to reienforc the lobbying efforts and fund raising effors.

    For my part, I will contribute individually and willing to particpate in any fund raising efforts in my area (North West Boston area).


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  • desi3933
    02-10 12:22 PM
    I believed we get atleast 7% (cap) + any unused numbers. As there is a possiblilty of getting more than 7%, it is not considered a quota.

    I did not know of getting less than 7% when there is high demand. :confused:

    >> I believed we get at least 7% (cap) + any unused numbers.

    Two things -
    1. Since EB3 Row is not current, eb-3 India will not get any unused numbers.
    2. 7% is the country-cap, and this is not quota. In other words, no more than 7%.

    On a practical note, since there is high demand for immigrant visa numbers for eb-3 India category, the visa allocation should be close to 7%.

    In short, 7% is just a maximum cap, not the minimum quota.

    Not a legal advice.

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  • perm2gc
    12-31 01:43 PM
    Good Job Guys...We will me seeing more results if we can regularly post in the other forum/board.Lets make every friday a target day to post in as many forums/boards possible.

    Thank You for all who has given their valuable time to IV.

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  • chanduv23
    07-01 11:58 AM

    Testimony of Charles Oppenheim, Chief, Immigrant Control and Reporting Division, Visa Services Office, U.S. Department of State, June 6, 2007.

    Any indepth on what is the bigger picture here? Something is happening in the background on the immigration side.

    Looks like lot of politics and blame game among agencies.

    I think immigration lawyers or AILA etc.. may also not have any say here though they all put up on their website that we will file lawsuit etc.....

    12-27 07:34 AM
    Here is the link where I posted in Chinese link where I posted in Chinese

    03-10 09:27 PM
    How abt showing the US govt - what is in it for them?
    If they recapture x number of visas and y % buys a house soon after, it is a win-win situation. They provide solid ground under the feet of LEGALs and the benefactors build on top of that ground.
    A key item will be to get a petition from a number of IVeans pledging to buy a house if they get a green card. If that number turns out high, this will be a good blil-board for our cause.