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  • dXTC
    Sep 28, 01:28 PM
    The house is a little bigger than those drawings depict, as there are stairs leading to a downstairs that is not shown. Probably to the 5th bedroom that is mentioned, likely a downstairs guest room of sorts or something.

    Agree with everyone else though. Simple, not over the top. I like.

    I like, too. I noticed the stairway leading downward as well. Could be a guest room or workout/fitness room.

    In addition, I would wager that there will be a small server room/alcove down there: a Mac mini or Mac Pro server (mini is more likely), with a couple of external hard drives (Drobo, perhaps?), wired to the latest AEBS and positioned directly underneath the living room. This would allow running Ethernet up to the living room TV, equipped of course with the new :apple:tv. That provides a solid Gigabit connection for streaming movies, and plenty of WiFi bandwidth for the master suite. An AirPort Express, set to Bridge mode, will likely be placed near the three smaller bedrooms for better Wi-Fi coverage at that end of the house.

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  • rhett7660
    Apr 28, 08:10 PM
    How long are you going to test this before it becomes official and stays?

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  • Masquerade
    Jan 15, 04:32 PM
    Reactions -

    Macbook air

    - Smallest laptop yet
    - touch pad
    - lite

    - EXTREMELY TO MUCH- 1200 more that any one expected
    - 64GB to 80GB hard drive, thats what i partition my boot camp on, thats what my DOG eats for breakfast
    - 1.6GHz... piss poor, your lucky to run word on that
    - OPTIONAL super drive, what the hell is that, having to plug something the size of a macbook air onto it just to watch a dvd, WTF., optional.. ur i think that EVERYONE needs a superdrive, if not, say good bye to installing software
    Overall= 8/10

    More Cons:
    1 speaker under keyboard (mono)
    USB not powered enough (superdrive from apple uses a special controller)
    no audio jack
    no composite out from the tsr jack
    no thumb scanner for safety (this is a mobility notebook)

    not tablet transformation :/ (ok... just not happening)

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  • Aniej
    Jan 5, 02:44 PM
    it would be great if apple would put up a video feed of the keynote live.

    if not that, put it in the local apple stores.
    wildcowboy and I will go post on the apple site suggesting this idea, perhaps steve will then follow our idea 9 minutes latter and ubermac can thank him for it;)


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  • macaddict23
    Aug 8, 04:35 AM
    A $500 reduction on the Apple 30" is great, but what else does this mean? Apple wants to remain competitive? Is it to clear out inventory for new displays? I've been wanting to buy one of these 30" monitors ever since they came out. My friend, who works for Apple here in Elk Grove, CA can use his discount to buy to buy the monitor for $1499 (before taxes). That's a heck of a deal! But at the same time, I can wait 1–2 months if I know that Apple will come out with a new design.

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  • bassfingers
    May 4, 07:08 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8H7 Safari/6533.18.5)

    My girlfriend is Chinese and she just doesn't understand our obsession with guns (understandably so). I don't either!

    What are people so afraid of that they need guns to protect themselves from?

    What are you so confident in? That 4-10 minutes IS fast enough to protect you, your daughters, or your property? How dependent should we be on the government?

    National defense, not self defense


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  • Phat_Pat
    Sep 7, 11:06 PM
    Its Music. Music now a days contains some curse words. There were no 5 year olds in that audience. 5 year olds are not going to watch a keynote. Everyone in that audience has heard the word and are mature enough to handle it. Just because he doesn't like Bush doesn't mean he's a bad person. Its his opinion. I have mine too...

    His music is fantastic, and seriously who here doesn't have a song in their music library with the f-bomb in it.

    Just because you don't like rap doesn't mean you should put him down. In his genre he is up there with the best. And of course apple's heard his songs. its the number one song/album on iTms. Not everyone in apple is 50+ years old and listens to nothing but the Beach Boys and Cher.

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  • Doctor Q
    May 3, 07:25 PM
    It's funny because nowhere in europe (well, from first hand experience in UK/ Scandanavia), do the carriers prevent tethering, nor do they charge an extra fee for it.

    They have data caps (100MB, 500MB, 1GB etc) but they don't care what you use it for. And this makes sense. Thus I can work from cafes through my HTC Desire, and as long as I'm not streaming video or downloading many podcasts then the 1GB/month is more than enough for my phone and occasional tethered usage.

    For once Europe seems to be ahead of the curve to the advantage of the consumer when compared to the USA.
    I'd like that arrangement better. I'd rather pay for one package and use it as I like without being nickel-and-dimed.


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  • TEG
    Mar 24, 03:26 PM
    OS X was unique when it was released, Apple did not include it with systems until June and it wasn't the default boot until almost a year later.

    I was given a PowerBook G4 500 when I graduated from High School, when we went to pick it up, the salesmen were surprised that it came with OS X, and doubled RAM at no extra cost. I didn't install OS X the first time until July, shortly after I arrived at college. I enjoyed many aspects of the system, except for the inability to run games like Sim City 3000 in Classic Mode, and issues related to attaching TVs via the SVideo connector, not to mention the lack of a DVD player. Between July and the release of 10.1 in September/October, I'd actually had to have my system sent back to Apple 3 times due to screen/Video Card issues. Each time, when they reformatted the hard drive and installed OS X they did it a different time. The first time both OS X and OS9 were on the same partition, in the second, they were separate, and the third, they were separate, and there was another partition for data. After the third time, I reformatted again, and followed the recommended procedure to install OS X and OS 9, including installing OS X first, then installing OS 9 as a New OS. After 10.1 came out, I began booting into OS 9 less and less, until after 10.5 came out, and I was stuck on Tiger, I actually loaded OS 9 onto my iPod and would boot of of it when I needed. Now, there are only two or three things I could think of still wanting OS 9 for, like SC2K or Myst, but nothing that makes or breaks the system. Now that I'm on a machine that runs Leopard, and I don't have the option, and I don't miss it.

    I just hope that 10.7 doesn't take us cold turkey away from PPC, a bit faster than we would like.


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  • maclaptop
    May 3, 11:01 PM
    Another good example from tbwa/chiat/day, they've put many companies into the minds of viewers.


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  • ipacmm
    Aug 7, 04:21 PM
    I might be picking up a new 30" ADC now. :)

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  • patrickdunn
    Apr 25, 02:39 PM
    I any of these were real, wouldn't we see a cease and desist letter?


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  • Markleshark
    Sep 12, 07:58 AM
    Not only is iTMS down... I just tried to get into my local Apple Store... and it was locked. Just has 'It's Showtime' in the window. Strange.

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  • Hephaestus
    Mar 19, 05:16 PM

    and the way you express yourself practically shows me why people 'diss' all your gadgets.

    Here in England thats a pretty common figure of speech that people use all the time. It doesn't mean literally ages. I forgot this was an American forum, but what does that have to do with anything anyway?


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  • WestonHarvey1
    Jul 21, 09:37 AM
    Show me another phone that can drop calls from just the position of one finger. Nokia have their problems at the moment, but their reception has always been rock solid.

    That only happens in extremely weak signal areas. Other phones will do that too, it just isn't as obvious where to touch it.

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  • geerlingguy
    Oct 2, 02:59 PM
    As usual, any hack that will come out will probably be hard to use, and <1% of the general computer-using population will ever use it. I don't see this as a big threat, really...

    I'd say less than 10% of the general computer-using population even *heard* of the previous iTunes 'Play Fair' stuff (such as Hymn, Harmony, etc.), much less even thought of using it. Don't believe me? Ask your Mom, Grandma, non-geek friends, etc.

    More people have heard of the 'DeCSS' programs, but, again, how many have actually used them? I'd say less than 1% of the computer-using public. And most of these people, like me, would only use it to exercise 'fair use' rights (i.e. I'm going on a plane trip, and I rip a DVD I own to my HD to save battery power, then I delete the files after watching it).


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  • BlueRevolution
    Oct 28, 02:36 PM
    That's hardly surprising. I'm more interested in the 100% legal bit - it's interesting that Apple hasn't yet moved to explicitly ban running OS X on non-Apple hardware.

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  • l3lack J4ck
    Nov 23, 11:01 PM
    and when you say EPP why do u think that will imply to me? i am not part of a corporate thing only a "university" student. I am acutally a high school student but am enrolled in college classes...i have a university id tho..

    so you think it will be included?

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  • shawnce
    Oct 30, 10:21 AM
    The end-fact that Apple's source does not appear to be publicly accessible does not appear to be in dispute, but rather questions have arisen as to whether it was ever publicly accessible (publicly accessible as defined by not requiring registration with Apple. The source is still free).

    Any item released under the APSL (Apple Public Source License) requires and has required since the dawn of the APSL users to register an account with Apple (free account). This is done so Apple can track that you have read the APSL before you gain access to the source. It has always been this way... in fact this registration requirement was talked about on and off for years on the Darwin lists (for example ( and was one of the reasons that OpenDarwin was started (some folks just couldn't bring themselves to register).

    A few years ago Apple integrated the open source account system with their Apple ID system so that if you have an Apple ID you didn't have to create a separate account you could just use that. See last paragraph of this email (

    All Apple Developer Accounts (ADC) can be used as an Apple ID, as can .Mac accounts, Apple support forums accounts, Apple store accounts, etc.

    Finally the 10.4.8 source never got linked on the top level darwin source page, only 10.4.7 got listed most recently (I have been looking for the last 3 weeks). The reason is that Apple is transitioning over to (that is the site that lists links to Intel version of XNU and only that site) and they appeared to have hit some system resource issue that has slowed this transition. As I noted in my prior post you can access 10.4.8 sources using a direct link to the tarball.

    As a side note I have worked on Darwin sources since it was first put online under the APSL and I worked on aspects of OpenDarwin when it first got going. So I am speaking from a long history of experience with Darwin.

    Mar 24, 03:03 PM
    Happy birthday! Here's to another 10 years (hopefully dominated by OS XI, or equivalent) :D

    Apr 10, 12:00 AM
    I believe Windows 8 will actually be Windows 6.2.
    As an Apple user, I'm thrilled that I'm not afflicted with the need to put down Windows in order to boost my ego.

    May 3, 10:18 PM
    and if you ask an owner they'd say "why the heck does it still checkerboard on Safari when we try to scroll, that's why we sold the iPad 1". :o :(

    Literally the only reason for my upgrade was the checkerboard lag. Still does it. Maybe by iPad 4 it'll be fixed.

    Mar 17, 06:20 PM
    for the things you mentioned you should replace the word 'envy' with 'jealously' :)

    I've bought the first iPhone and have never gone back. I totally understand your situation lol, it comes with owning any luxury item. Usually its people who've never owned it themself that go bashing it. I personally haven't had as much encounters but I have friends who get harassed constantly lol.

    The antennagate thing is the classic example of a non-user/owner reading some silly article and gripping it for every attack. None of my friends or myself use a case and we have absolutely no reception issues.

    The funniest case was my friends colleague attacking him, saying it was the worse phone ever, most overpriced phone ever, its heavy! it has no flash! His Xperia X10 was miles better! Week later he buys his own iPhone 4 and stayed quiet about the topic. I rest my case.

    On a positive note, I always get good encounters with the girls at work about iPhones lol.

    Lol yeah I think jealousy is probably a better term.

    Apr 29, 05:41 PM
    thank God! that slider was stupid for sure!