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  • abhijitp
    01-11 12:48 AM

    Can it be done on this thread, or (probably better) do we need a new thread?

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  • SunnySurya
    08-07 12:57 PM
    I definitely will. But first I have to mobilize enough people to support this.
    I appreciate that.

    May I ask to share your legal defense for this point, when you have one?


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  • PavanV
    04-06 06:10 PM
    Politicians are politicians every where. India or USA their intensions are the same. Always cause a trouble to the ruling party, no mercy for the general public who suffer directly with their actions.

    Shutdown means no work for 800k fedaral employees. Hence no wages. But bills won't stop.

    Hope for the best.
    Fringe Warning Start---
    I am not into conspiracy theories, but this one sounds like one, i.e. Mr. Oppenhemer (not sure about the spelling), announced major advances to the EB 2 I queue in the last week of March, now did he know the government was shutting down ?, possibly, well if the Govt shuts down, all visa offices/ Passport / Immigration offices shutdown, so let us say if the dates do advance considerably, and voila the Govt shuts down, well most of the folks will be current but unable to file for change in status due to shutdown, and when the Govt comes back up so will the visa numbers retrogress. I hope I am totally wrong, but you never know.
    Fringe Warning End---

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  • Pineapple
    08-05 12:54 AM
    Absolutely unbelievable-
    Get this: A fingerprint check takes 24-48 hours but a name check takes upto 6 months!!! There are over 8 billion individuals on the planet, and how many have duplicate names? OK, now how many have similar names? And by the way, if you already have a fingerprint, why does name check take so long?

    Reminds me of the scene in the recent Simpsons movie, where the government guy jumps up and shouts "Woo Hoo, we actually found someone we were looking for!". The bromide goes that truth is stranger than fiction, but it should be amended to "The truth is more idiotic that fiction".


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  • jayz
    01-10 03:24 PM
    And I got my coworkers to send a letter as well...

    Have you?

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  • Winner
    09-10 12:04 PM
    Got CPO email around 10.45 am today for both me and my wife. Big thanks to IV. Big thanks to Pappu, Jay, Aman, Anu ad all my wonderful IV friends. I will also continue supporting Iv and activities time to time.

    Congratulations! You deserve it!

    Thanks for all your efforts.


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  • gc_nebraska
    08-17 12:49 PM

    Received CPO mail today for self, wife but then after 30 mins the status changed to 'deceison' .
    Does this mean I am greened?

    EB2 - India PD DEC 22 2005. NSC
    I-485 receipt date: Aug 21 2007.
    Opened SR on 08/11/2010

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  • GCKaMaara
    01-09 01:46 PM
    There is a rumor that Obama is considering Citizenship for people who have paid Income Tax for a certain period. Core is it possible to dig more on this and find if it is just a rumor?


    Googled. Found nothing! Can you post the URL?


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  • punjabi77
    09-10 10:32 AM
    OH law website says that the bill will be introduced around 10.15 today morning.
    So has any discussion started yet?
    OH website also mentioned that there are around 500,000 visa unsed since 1990.

    If HR5882 passes today's debate, where will it go then?

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  • deba
    01-24 02:53 PM
    Anyone in my situation? Thanks again.

    Travelling via London Gatwick and Dubai to India and back. No airport change required during transit. Using AP, visa expired. I have a valid Canada PR card.
    According to UK embassy US GC and Canada PR card holders do not need transit for direct airside transit. Does anyone have any experience in this situation? Please post.


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  • Libra
    06-16 12:08 PM
    What is I-94# is it the number on I-94 no. attached 797 form or arrival i-94 card(white) no? And what is nonimmigrant visa number? guys please help am filling 485 form.

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  • flygo
    01-05 07:24 PM
    Call up multiple rallies at the same time at different locations, NYC, DC, Boston, LA, SF...
    Look what the NY MTA workers did?


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  • pani_6
    08-21 04:58 PM
    As per your profile
    Labor Approval Date: 04/21/2003 I140 Mailed Date: 05/05/2007

    May I ask you the reason for 4 year gap for I-140 filing? Are you using Labor Substitution?

    One more -
    Since you are waiting for decade, I assume your PD is 1998 or 1999. Is that correct?

    03 is my pd..not approval date..mine was bec'ed.yes from about 01..

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  • desi3933
    08-11 09:57 AM
    I am not worried about the three companies I know of , I am worried about other 3000 companies that I don't know of.
    I also believe, it is not the companies that are evil. It is the system that provides the incentive. And I am trying to take away that incentive.

    Any update on lawsuit, SunnySurya?

    Also, would you mind sharing your PD with us? This has been asked by couple other folks as well.

    Thanks and Good Luck.


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  • Macaca
    12-05 03:59 PM
    JUAN GONZALEZ: Now, Lou, you�ve been well known for years now, especially dealing with the issue of American corporations exporting jobs and criticizing that whole process of exporting American jobs overseas.

    LOU DOBBS: Sure.

    JUAN GONZALEZ: And your�but also the criticism of it, that as I�ve seen it as, oftentimes does not deal with the impact so much of what this globalization on those countries themselves. In other words, you criticize NAFTA for sending so many jobs overseas, but not with the impact so much that it�s having on Mexico and on these other countries that are the other end of this free trade.

    LOU DOBBS: Juan, that may be because I�m a television journalist, limited in my intellect, as well as my time.

    JUAN GONZALEZ: Well, on this show, we don�t have commercials, so we have a lot of time to get into the issues.

    LOU DOBBS: The reality is that, of course, NAFTA is, in my judgment, at least deleterious to the interests of the Mexican people and to the state of Mexico. One only has to look at the empty villages in particularly southern Mexico to examine the impact of the agricultural policies within NAFTA. One only has to look at the maquiladoras across northern Mexico to see the impact on a society that is already 50% impoverished, education levels still where they were thirty years ago in Mexico.

    But my perspective is an American one. And I won�t presume to speak for Mexico, as Felipe Calderon does presume to speak to the United States for Americans on American policy. The reality is that NAFTA doesn�t work for this country. It doesn�t work for Mexico.

    But I am not one of those people�as Amy was talking about, my detractors. The suggestion I�m anti-immigrant, for example, is absurd. I would support an increase in lawful immigration and have said so repeatedly and have no problem whatsoever with current levels of immigration, which, by the way, are the highest levels of immigration in the world�in fact, more than the rest of the world combined. We bring in more than two million people. But the issue is one that the United States does not have a foreign policy toward Mexico. We�re paternalistic and condescending toward Mexico in our dealings with Mexico, both corporately and politically. And it�s time for that to change.

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  • conchshell
    09-11 01:59 PM
    All the best ... let the campaign go full speed ...


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  • gc_on_demand
    03-31 09:13 AM
    I think you have wrong info... Last year, EB2 I&C did receive spill over from EB2 ROW, EB1 (~3K), EB5.. Also from reading other posts it is my understanding that in fact there was NO spill over from Family Based.

    I could be wrong though!!

    May be I am wrong. I want to be wrong since I would like to File for I 485 , but this is from DOS site, can you share your source ?

    Table V (Part 2)

    You will see total at the bottom of this page.

    E1 = 41,026
    E2 = 53,872
    E3 = 42,431
    E4 = 11,048
    E5 = 1,885 [Table V (Part 3)]

    If allocation for 2010 was like below then EB1 gave us 1 k ,

    E1 = 42.5
    E2 = 42.5
    E3 = 42.5
    E4 = 11.5
    E5 = 11

    Then Eb1 gave only 1k. E2 ROW didn't give any. Eb2 India / China got from Eb1 and EB2 row is because of overflow from family based.

    We are lacking those number this year. I would say if we didn't have those 10k family visas spill over would be only 10k for 2010.

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  • arunmohan
    01-06 01:51 AM
    I agree with Saralayar and dontcareanymore has point. I think we should ask the conditional green card first for people who are in this country last 10 years and/or are waiting for GC more than 5 years. I don't see any issue for giving conditional green card. At least we will not have to worry for AC21, we could freely change the job, and we could buy a house. USCIS can give permanent green card once the visa number is available. I agree with dontcareanymore that the clock for citizenship should start from the date of approval of I-140. Once we have conditional green card, we could be out from this uncertainty. I don't know how we could proceed for conditional green card. But we need come together and if it is required we could talk to attorney too.

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  • jcrajput
    09-26 08:07 AM
    I am July 2 filer and I called yesterday and they gave me this BAD news. They said "Other reasons". I can't think of what they could be. They said they are sending application back which I did not receive yet.
    Any one here unlucky as me unfortunately? Anyone have came across this situation? Your help will be greatly appericiated.

    Thank you.

    I have I140 approved this year in March from NSC with EB2 category. My Employer sent I485 package with various checks I guess and our medical exam results.

    The Nebraska Service Center has approved the following I140
    Classification: E21
    Priority Date: 10/04/06

    Ship (P/U) date: Jun 30, 2007
    Delivery date: Jul 2, 2007 7:55 AM
    Sign for by: R.WILLIAMS

    03-10 08:44 PM
    BTW guys,

    Thanks for those who think the idea has merit.
    i suddenly see a red dot against my username for trying to think out of the box:
    "please dont be foolish and waste everyones time with ur insane proposal? thanks"

    It is OK - whoever wanted to go this length. FYI, 'have been a member of IV and a donor since inception. Is anyone from the core who thinks this idea is insane?

    Like-minded folks - let us work on it
    How about having a list of action items and getting an opinion from the IV core on them?

    07-09 07:22 PM
    We should send emails to Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Jay Leno, David Letterman, Conan O'Brian, Jimmy Kimmel etc.

    They have tremendous amount of viewership and seems like a perfect material for these shows. I will send email to these guys but if more and more peple can make them aware of this development, this news can potentially snowball. :D
    Leave the late night comedians out of it.
    Who do you think they will poke fun at? USCIS, Emilio Gonzalez or the people spending thousands of dollars on flowers that wont even reach the office of the intended recipient?