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  • jonty_11
    01-09 05:53 PM
    Letters sent...
    Guys please do your part...dont sit and watch...we have done that a lot already...we need to keep picking away at them so we can get some stability in life...

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  • addsf345
    09-14 03:19 PM
    any updates about L I N Go?

    Hello World Max for only $23.95 /month provides unlimited calls to india as per link posted earlier by some one on this thread.


    However I see no details if they allow calls from cellphones too, as some one pointed out. That was the major difference between vonage and lingo.

    if anyone has details, please share. Till that time, I would continue using tata trueroots for 2.9 cents a minute promo. Thanks!!!

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  • pani_6
    08-22 06:11 PM
    Ok it too late for the letters..we need to focus on the HR bills by Resp Sen Lofgren..we have a narrow window here.. and bi partisan support..we can send her flowers and request the Senator to take this up seriously..also we can send the flowers to the co-sponsors..at thier local offices instead of DC ..since DC office is closed now..

    What does EB-3 thinks..we can send flowers to these guys and also to Charles Oppenhiemer...

    Flowers anybody??;)

    we can start the campign from monday!

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  • 21stIcon
    05-17 12:02 PM
    I am eligible to file 485 on June 1st, but my passport expires on July 1st week. what do you guys think , do I need to get new passport before I apply or USICS do not care about passport expiration date as long as I have valid passport on petition submission date?


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  • seekerofpeace
    10-06 04:34 PM
    I replied to the PMs abd as req I sent the letter sample that I sent to Janet N. Kewlchap and fatjoe I didn't get ur email ids......

    You can get my letter from caliguy or gbof I sent them my letter too.




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  • jkays94
    06-18 12:33 PM
    I think you can go ahead to the HR and just ask for a letter stating that your position xxxx is still available for you and that you are paid xxxx. If not, you may receive a RFE for the letter. I have seen some people not getting a RFE for letters if they attached most recent pay stubs showing they are paid prevailing wage.

    This is the letter I got for support of my I485:

    Hope this helps

    Many thanks for your response. Yes this does help and answers many questions about what the format should be like. I have also just seen a caution on Matthew Oh's site where he indicates that USCIS may not issue RFE's but issue outright denials if the "initial evidence" is missing. See the post for 06/17/2007: Flexible RFE/NOID Response Rule and Advisory for July EB-485 Filing (http://www.immigration-law.com/Canada.html)


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  • gbof
    08-13 08:19 PM
    got the approval notice (welcome notice) today.

    CPO email: 08/06 (online case status: Card/Document Production)
    approval notice email: 12 hrs later (online case status: Decision)
    soft LUD: 08/09
    approval notice snail mail: 08/13

    Same exact sequence for us too. CPO:8/6, Decision/Adit: 8/7, slud: 8/9, Welcome mail(snail mail): 8/13, Last Processing action/Post Decision: 8/13. I can hope by cards should be arriving by8/16-8/18. Keep posted it helps all those tracking....

    Good luck to those current.

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  • svkrishna
    01-31 02:05 AM
    We had our interview on January 17th in chennai Consulate. Interview was smooth - which company.. how long you were working for the company and what do you do there.. these were the questions. We were told at the end that we will receive passports within a week.

    So far We ( H1B extension -- 3rd time and my wife - H4( 2nd Time), have not received the passports. I already postponed our date of travel to Feb 5th. Looks like I have to postpone again.

    Calling VFS daily to hear the same news.. Passports not been handed over VFS. The VISA is still under process.

    Called Consulate Twice ... they say they are doing security checks..

    for how long???



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  • pani_6
    08-21 03:48 PM
    I believe they already answered the question: they claimed the previous allocation scheme was wrong and the current is correct. There is nothing more you can possibly get by questioning on this issue. Even if there is anything behind the curtain, that explanation covers everything perfectly and there is nothing you can do about it.

    I saw that Ron told one "so depressed" in his Forum..that we can launch a law suit..against this new interpretation..however..I dont know its worth the time and effort..although uscis learns only by law suits..

    Lets see next months Visa allocation for the new year and see where it starts from..I am hoping from Mid of 03..lets see..besides..only quick solution so far is the Visa capture ..dont know where it stands...

    we got 20 more days to influence people about EB-3 numbers..what is the most effective thing to do collectively before he new Visa bull comes out..

    Any idea Pappu..??.

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  • aroranuj
    09-09 12:07 PM
    Called ALL republicans on the committee, here is my feedback. Will update once I call all democrats. We are likely to face more resistance from Republicans so lets overload them with our calls...

    Lamar S. Smith, Texas (202) 225-4236 Left Message
    Jim Sensenbrenner, Wisconsin (202) 225-5101 Already Supports
    Howard Coble, North Carolina (202) 225-3065 Left Message
    Elton Gallegly, California (202) 225-5811 Voicemail
    Bob Goodlatte, Virginia (202) 225-5431 Left Message
    Steve Chabot, Ohio (202) 225-2216 Left Message
    Dan Lungren, California (202) 225-5716 Voicemail
    Chris Cannon, Utah (202) 225-7751 Voicemail
    Ric Keller, Florida (202) 225-2176 Left Message
    Darrell Issa, California (202) 225-3906 Not Supporting-Please CALL
    Mike Pence, Indiana (202) 225-3021 Left Message
    Randy Forbes, Virginia (202) 225-6365 Voicemail
    Steve King, Iowa DO NOT CONTACT
    Tom Feeney, Florida (202) 225-2706 Not supporting, Pls CALL & email
    Cameron Smith at C.smith@mail.house.gov
    Trent Franks, Arizona (202) 225-4576 Left Message
    Louie Gohmert, Texas (202) 225-3035 Left Message
    Jim Jordan, Ohio (202) 225-2676 Voicemail


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  • kevinkris
    01-24 02:55 PM
    How can you confirm this?
    Police solved the Duke case partially that it's robbery case.
    Don't come to conclusions yourselves..

    On top of these issues, apparent hate crimes against Indians at LSU and then at Duke would certainly make a lot of parents a little nervous before sending their kids for higher education here.

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  • rcr_bulk
    08-25 05:29 PM
    This is true. Lingo customer service is bad. Now I am stuck with them for 2 years. Rep was rude. Talked to the supervisor. Even he was rude. Asked him to pass me on to his manager. He refused to directly transfer to his manager.

    I am even thinking of paying $100 cancellation fee and get off their service.

    I am happy that Vonage came up with a good plan.
    I don;t mind paying some bucks more for quality service.


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  • gg_ny
    08-09 02:30 PM
    Once again the petition protesting against namecheck delays misses the point. It is unreasonable to ask the FBI to "speed up" the process, they should be allowed to take as much time as they want.

    I want to recycle all the negative adjectives you have used in your mail on your statements ;-). Please read about NNCP, FBI and related congressional hearings and statements; about the GC for a muslim known to have Hezbollah connections but missed by FBI background checks and the kind of reactions in evoked in 2002; subsequent modifications in the name check process. Also, try to understand (!) that name checks are done for ALL APPLICANTS including for Soccer Spicegirl and her hubby Bechkam when they would apply under extraordinarily talented category. FBI does not look for visa category the applicant comes under; it is not their job. CIS is mandated to have the "background" check (of which namecheck is just one of the processes) cleared for ALL gc applicants. Then how can this be independent of gc process? What if the uncleared person gets gc and then becomes persona non granta (unavailable) for deportation if the checks fail? how about the benefits (SSN etc) and immi benefits (sponsorship etc.)? what if that person becomes an elected offcier (state governor?) and then the name check fails?

    The request to speed up the name checks is truly ridiculous. Stupidity like this is what harms legal H1-B immigrants the most.

    Do you understand the reasons for the delay? Read Pappu's postings carefully: the delay is not because of namechecks not cleared; delay is mainly because the FBI analysts DO NOT GET TO YOUR FILE for many years! They claim they could not keep up with demand for name checks from gc applicatns, naturalization applicants, sometimes other visa applicants, whitehouse visitors, political appointees to less prominent positions, would-be employees of coast guard and other sensitive defense establishments etc. etc. If that is the case what is wrong in asking FBI (I dont know who is doing it though) to speed up the process for legal immigratns? $100 X 500,000 = $50M; Even if one analyst costs ~100K per year (with benefits), then do the math!

    Stupidity in any form is harmful to H1Bs. Asking for expediting namecheck (even with a fat fee) is not one of them. But putting the mouths first where the minds should have been really harms anyone!

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  • skarthy
    11-12 03:12 PM
    sent 2, running low on envelopes , will send the remaing 2 soon.

    Great Effort, kudos to the IV leadership team.


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  • hopefulgc
    01-07 10:08 PM
    FL members ... let get this party going

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  • ski_dude12
    09-09 08:23 AM
    You must be kidding me if you cannot make out the difference between an approval and an RFE. It clearly states "Your Case Status: Decision"... What more do you want?

    Today I got one more email (See below) and my status changed from CPO to Decision. What does that mean? Did they send an RFE?


    Your Case Status: Decision

    On September 8, 2010, we mailed you a notice that we had registered this customer's new permanent resident status. Please follow any instructions on the notice. Your new permanent resident card should be mailed within 60 days following this registration or after you complete any ADIT processing referred to in the welcome notice, whichever is later. If you move before receiving your card, please call our customer service center at 1-800-375-5283.


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  • shx
    06-16 03:24 AM
    I am not supporting any fraud, but what I said is, if you find workplace discrimination and contact a career guide, they ask you to find another job. Most sincere career guides will not support lawsuits or retaliation against employer unless you are not in a position to find other work. Even read career sites for women and advice, even in cases of sexual harrassment, they ask the victim to move on as a sensible thing to do, because in the end the company will somehow make the victim lose her job. There have been 1000s of USC Vs USC cases. I am not supporting any fraud but what I am saying is retaliation leaves bad taste in the mouth and world is a small place. For larger good of your rest of career best thing to do is move on.

    Only some crooked lawyer who wants money will tell you, you are doing the right thing.

    Your arguments seem almost convincing. I will have to agree with you that it might be best for the OP's career to just move on to another job and ignore all the gross violations at his work place. Wouldn't that be selfish though? Who is going to set things right, if everyone cares about his/her own career advancement?

    I think you should advise half of the people to move on to other jobs and the other half to fight the violations. Fair?

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  • nsabavala
    01-03 04:25 AM

    I had my visa interview in Mumbai on Dec 28th. A PIMS Verfication was required for them to be able to issue me a visa. This is for an H1-B extension of stay - My six years expired in Nov. 2007 and my green card is in process.

    I was told the time they are taking for procesing is 48 hours but I still have not received any notification to take my papers to the VFS center.

    Has anyone in this situation already received their visa and stamped passport and if so how long did it take?

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  • bayarea07
    09-15 10:58 AM
    Why do not we have free efax on the home page, same way numberusa have ??

    06-29 09:08 PM
    This is very serious now, We all better be prepared to screw USCIS if it messes this time.

    Lets wait first for our fee checks to return .....

    09-16 11:33 AM
    http://judiciary.house.gov/hearings/calendar.html cliclk on hearing related to FBI